Solution Profile Spotlight: Employee Performance Review

by Allison Thiebaud on Thu, Feb 09, 2012 @ 09:30 AM

Employee Performance Review

While important, conducting employee reviews is often a challenge in organizations. Human Resource (HR) employees invest a significant amount of time in preparing, managing and ensuring performance evaluations are delivered on time. Instead, companies need to focus on identifying and developing human capital to remain competitive and to grow profitability. To be successful, it is important for HR employees to shift focus from unproductive routines to developing intellectual assets for their organization.

When the employee review process is paper-based, supervisors and HR departments lose visibility as to where the review stands in the approval process, resulting in inefficiencies and additional work.  Process automation is key to ensuring future success of the employee review processes.

Key Benefits of Process Automation:

1.)   Improved operational efficiency of HR

  • Reduce administrative and managerial overhead
  • Automatic transfer of data to related systems, eliminating rework and making it instantly available to human resources and payroll

2.)   Increased visibility into operations

  • Instant access to operational data, such as amount of reviews conducted, overdue, escalated and outstanding, ratings and pay raises suggested and approved, time elapsed for each step and from start to finish, etc. that provide insight and can trigger corrective actions
  •  All information is readily available in real-time and without any manual work.

3.)   Greater control, reliability and quality

  • Tasks are conducted on time by authorized people and are documented auditable. Companies control document related challenges like lost reviews, incorrect or incomplete information and lack of audit trail.
  • Human resources no longer have to monitor performance reviews and take corrective actions that can be easily handled by predefined procedures.

By automating employee review forms, companies will see this process run much more efficiently and effectively.   Process automation will ensure accuracy of information, connect company departments and divisions, and assist HR departments with record-keeping.  End users will appreciate the ease-of-use and visibility with each automated employee review. 


                                              Screenshot – Employee Performance Review

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