How Quickly Can You Name Three Business Processes?

by Laura Storjohann on Thu, Jul 28, 2011 @ 05:07 PM

It was a hot yet beautiful day as several of us Ultimus employees stood in the parking lot last Saturday to greet our neighbors- the citizens of Cary, North Carolina. As cars arrived, racing through the parking lot, a sense of excitement filled the air. Teams of people packed in front of the Ultimus Headquarters building eager to find out just what exactly it was that Ultimus did.

“Ultimus BPM Software helps businesses automate everyday processes,” the crowds were told.  “Can you name three business processes?”

Clues, riddles, learning, games, local history and adventure were all part of Ultimus’ participation in this event. It was none other than the 2nd Annual Cary Scavenger Hunt presented by CaryCitizen and hosted by the new Cary Arts Center and the Town of Cary.  

scavenger hunt

Strategy was a key element as teams set out across the town to discover the locations of many clues, one of which being Ultimus. Naming three business processes was the golden ticket each team needed in order to score a higher amount of points. Ultimus of course did not want players leaving clueless, so names of processes were written in chalk and strewn about parking lot in order to assist those who needed help.

Among the crowd of eager competitors, was Jackie Holcombe, Mayor of Morrisville, NC. “I just want to congratulate Ultimus on the great job they did to highlight their organization in the Cary Scavenger Hunt,” she stated.

Throughout the day, Ultimus greeted roughly 20 different teams, each leaving with knowledge about who Ultimus is and what we do. It was a fun, enjoyable day for all and an overall huge community success.

If you’re disappointed you missed your chance to participate, don’t worry, the fun isn’t over just yet.  Comment on this blog by Friday August 12th and name one Human Resources related process that the Ultimus BPM Software Suite can automate for your chance to win a gift card. The randomly drawn lucky winner will be contacted via email. Good luck!


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