Business Process Management Meets Breakfast: Expand on SharePoint

by Taylor Leighton on Mon, Sep 20, 2010 @ 04:10 PM

While MS SharePoint is often the answer for various tasks or workflow functions where the process or workflow is kept within a small team of individuals, it falls short in its ability to automate intricate, mission critical processes. For instance, think of an Excel spreadsheet. With only a few people using and updating the information in the spreadsheet, it is rather easy to manage by utilizing SharePoint.

However, expanding this same process of updating and obtaining information from one single Excel sheet across multiple departments or an entire corporation spells chaos. Managing processes, users, and applications across the enterprise is where a BPM suite becomes necessary to implement, as it has several key functions:

  • Process administration and management capabilities across the enterprise
  • Organization and job function management capabilities distinct from process definitions
  • Business rules engine where rules can be reutilized and repurposed across all processes

To learn more about how to improve your business processes using SharePoint and BPM, register to attend our New York City Corporate Efficiency Breakfast on September 29, 2010 at the Microsoft Offices in New York, NY. The event is free for attendees and will begin promptly at 9 am EST.


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During this "Brunch and Learn," attendees will discover how cost savings and productivity improvements can be made by focusing on business processes. Starting with just one process, your company will be on course toward continual process improvement and sustainability.

Experts from Ultimus will address the following questions:

  • How can you get a clear view of all processes within your organization?
  • Which processes can be automated within your organization and where to begin?
  • What is Business Process Management (BPM)? How is it different from workflow?
  • How can you make sure that your process improvement system is adapted to your company and not the other way around?

Attendees will also learn to:

  • Determine methods to quickly identify which processes are working efficiently and which are not, as well as how to remove the bottlenecks causing inefficiencies.
  • Realize how your organization can quickly respond to changes, industry shifts, and new competitive threats.
  • Find out how to leverage your investment in SharePoint if you're already using it.



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