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by MK Strupe on Fri, Jul 30, 2010 @ 03:00 PM

As software providers, we would all love for our applications to be truly “plug and play” and be easy enough to never require training.  But the reality is that software applications, no matter how simple, require supplemental learning and education platforms (even Microsoft NotePad has a Help menu).  Software vendors who create applications more complex than Notepad often offer the following education and training deliverables:

  • Onsite / Offsite / Elearning Training
  • KnowledgeBases and FAQs
  • Training Videos and Workshops
  • Online Help and Print Documentation

All of these learning offerings have one thing in common:  they are reactive in their approach.  No matter how available, convenient, and robust these learning platforms may be, each requires the user needing knowledge to seek them out.  There is a lot of recent talk about “Process Intelligence” in the BPM space.  Using that as a beginning point, as a BPM Server is responsible for process execution and metrics, the BPM Server inherently has the understanding of how the processes are being executed.  The BPM Server understands which users are most efficient, least efficient, and which areas of the human-based process are the slowest to complete.

With this understanding, as processes continue to execute, a BPM Server can couple new task activations with proactive learning information to the user.  In addition to getting an email notification that there is a new task to review and complete, the BPM Server can also alert the user that their average execution time is longer than their peers, and then provide hyperlinks to custom learning links on how to better execute the task at hand.  This proactive learning model serves well where process participants are compensated for task efficiencies (considering cases like call centers, support help desks, etc.).

improving business process intelligence

We are in an information age where almost any question we want to know can be answered through the internet.  Conversely, we all have more daily tasks and work first to resolve the most pressing, in-your-face items.  Coupling help links with work task notifications can result in your process participants taking the initiative to read more on how they can ultimately help themselves in their daily work.  BPM and Process Intelligence are much more than automating and managing business processes; they are providing a process framework to drive efficiency and improve on your current process execution.


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