Response to "BPM: How Optimized Are Your Financial Processes?"

by MK Strupe on Fri, Mar 13, 2009 @ 11:18 AM

A common thread in each of the finance companies reported as failing in 2000/2009 is lack of visibility and awareness of the day-to-day processes and operations. Without having a clear understanding of how efficient and effective your critical business processes are, at best, you can only hope the bottom line figures you are handed are both accurate and truthful. It is hard to believe anyone would run a business on "hoping" the summary reports are correct.

By using modeling, reporting, and optimization features in a business process management suite (BPMS), you will have full visibility into your business processes, be able to identify inefficiencies in those processes, understand the costs associated with those inefficiencies, and then make improvements to your business processes to resolve the inefficiencies. Moreover, by optimizing your processes, you will also control the implied costs of executing the processes in themselves.

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Chris Adams
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