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What is a low code Proof of Concept and why get one?

How can you know if a vendor’s claims are accurate and that their platform can solve your problems? The best answer is a Proof of Concept.

There’s a lot of excitement around low code development platforms. The promise of delivering internal and customer facing applications with exceptional speed and reaping huge gains in productivity and customer satisfaction is a powerful draw.

But along with excitement comes noise, hype, and grand claims. How can you know if a vendor’s claims are accurate and that their platform can solve your problems? How can you demonstrate the viability and business value of your automation project?

The best answer is a Proof of Concept.

In a standard sales demo, vendors put their best foot forward and obfuscate weaknesses. But a POC allows you to see your business process with your requirements in the form of a functional application. You can see how quickly a vendor can put it in place, how well it works, and how easy it is to adapt to your future needs.

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The Ultimus Digital Process Automation Suite is architected to deliver complex, tailored business process solutions faster, with higher quality, and, of course, cheaper. With a free POC, we can prove it to you.

Getting a free Ultimus POC doesn’t take a lot of your time. You’ll need to invest as little as a few minutes to send us screenshots of an existing application or a workflow diagram or you can develop and send us a full requirements document.

Process Map

Our POC deliverables:

  • A fully functional, near production-ready solution and supporting reports
  • 30 days of unlimited usage, hosted on our cloud servers
  • A self-service user registration process to provide access for your colleagues
  • An iteration session where we present the solution and, if we missed something, make changes
  • At your request, access to one or more of our Ultimus DPA Solution Starters.

Some recent POCs include:

  • Retail Bank Account Opening
  • IT Change Request Management
  • Invoice Processing using Machine Learning
  • Petty Cash Management
  • Employee Performance Review
  • IT Services Request
  • Funds Transfer Management
  • Warranty Claim Management
  • Customer Case Management

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