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Automating Approval Workflows On-time and On-budget

Automating approval and request processes promises improved customer and employee experience, reduced costs, turnaround times and effort.

Approvals and requests take many forms and range in importance, effort, frequency, and complexity. Whether simple and repetitive, like IT application access and password resets, or complex like loan approvals and capital expenditures, automating these processes promises improved customer and employee experience; reduced costs, turnaround times and effort; and compliance with policies and regulations.

Companies come to Ultimus looking for a faster, less risky path to automation. They’ve already learned the hard way that using packaged, off the shelf point solutions or building bespoke applications with conventional low-code application platforms end at the same place: custom coding, missed timelines, budget overruns, and inflexible one-off automation islands.

Document Handling

Built-in, Out-of-the box document functionality

Over the past 25 years, we’ve learned that request and approval processes share many common requirements. Ultimus pre-implements these commonalities in a standardized way so they no longer need to be developed and managed. The unique requirements of each use case and customer’s way of doing business - conditional process flows, approval matrices, escalations, notifications, rules for automatic approvals, automated steps and integrations, and many other solution aspects - are configured in a way not unlike the online configurators you use when buying a car.

The Ultimus Digital Process Automation Suite is the fastest, smartest way to automate approvals and requests – from the mundane to the most complex.

If you are looking to avoid the mistakes of the past or struggling with a failing deployment, get an Ultimus proof of concept and see our claims in action in the form of a fully functional, near production-ready solution configured to your exact requirements.


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