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Ultimus Releases New Version - Ultimus 2024

Ultimus 2024 lets customers realize the strategic benefits of enterprise-wide automation - without exploding complexity, technical debt, and cost.

Ultimus, Inc. announces the latest release of its industry leading low-code application and business process automation platform, the Ultimus Digital Process Automation Suite 2024 (“Ultimus 2024”).

Like previous versions, Ultimus 2024 furthers our mission of helping customers realize the strategic benefits of enterprise-wide automation - without an explosion of complexity, technical debt, and total cost of ownership – by harnessing and aligning development efforts across the entire spectrum of developer personas; streamlining development and administrative effort; and maximizing the reliability, security, and usability of mission-critical applications.

Ultimus 2024 enhancements and innovations:

A state of the art, fully revamped Process Designer - Our new Process Designer 2024 has a completely new, fully WebAPI-based architecture that supports all hosting options.  New capabilities include:

  • Fast Design that makes process modeling easier, more intuitive, and faster than ever. 
  • Business-friendly data Aliases that eliminate redundancy, speed development, and streamline the use of Composed Process Solutions® (“CPS”) data in process rules.  
  • The ability to display dynamic data in process maps, giving users more information about process instances.
  • A new Flobot® library concept allows drag and drop composition of reusable task automations, integrations, and orchestrations with complementary automation technologies into end-to-end solutions.
  • New Flobots® for intelligent document processing, a WebAPI Flobot®, and a technology independent document generation Flobot®.


DevOps and Streamlined Administration - As many customers use Ultimus in large scale installations, Ultimus 2024 has a variety of enhancements to reduce admin effort:

  • A new silent installer that significantly reduces installation effort.
  • Import/Export capabilities and default configurations to streamline and automate installations and solution scaling.
  • Extended logging capabilities that expand the amount and granularity of log data.
  • Automated Archiving, configurable for timing and frequency, makes archiving more convenient, ensures optimal solution performance, and packages business data in a data neutral format for use with your favorite BI tool.
  • Process, System, and UATS Administrators are now fully CPS-based for a unified experience and maximum extendibility.
  • Our powerful Organization Chart concept is no longer just for process-related activities.  With Ultimus 2024, Org Charts is now the unified place to manage all varieties of rights and roles, from rights to CPS applications, to reports, platform modules, and more.

Mission-critical, Enterprise grade Reliability and Security Enhancements - Ultimus 2024 ensures the availability and integrity of your essential solutions with:

  • A new syncing architecture that overcomes network outages, disconnections, and data throughput problems.
  • Numerous enhancements and extensions, including TLS 1.3 support, lengthening our best-in-class security leadership. 
  • Many new WebAPIs, including Ultimus Org Chart API, to ensure maximum extendibility and simplify integrations with 3rd party systems.

A new CPS Visual Composer - Ultimus 2024 includes our latest drag and drop CPS Visual Composer which, together with our CPS Composer Pro, allows us to cover the full spectrum of developer personas.  This CPS Visual Composer “early release” will allow our customers to familiarize themselves with our graphical UI designer’s new capabilities, such as ChatGPT natural language form generation and improved digital asset composability, before being released in final form in January 2024 together with our new automation governance tools.

Additional Improvements

  • CPS Composer Pro usability and productivity enhancements and ongoing extensions of built-in functionality.
  • Automatic availability of additional data in a default CPS context further to reduce solution implementation effort.
  • Email notification consolidation helps reduce inbox clutter by allowing end users to configure the number and frequency of their email notifications.
  • Our well-known Tab concept can now be used in CPS-based applications, reports, and dashboards.

Watch our Ultimus 2024 product release webinar or email us at for a personalized demo of Ultimus 2024 and learn why Ultimus has been called “one of the most comprehensive and best thought-through digital process management systems on the market”.   

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