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Ultimus Announces New Customer Resources

Over the past year, Ultimus has created a variety of BPM and low code development platform resources to help customers on their digital transformation journey.

Over the past year, Ultimus has created a variety of resources to help customers on their digital transformation journey. Here are just a few:

MWD Advisors Analyst Report — Ultimus: Aiming to Industrialize Process Digitization
In this report, MWD Advisors, a specialist technology advisory firm, takes a deep dive into the functionality of Ultimus’ Composed Process Solutions platform and other Ultimus products, provides analysis of Ultimus’ market experience and sales approach, explains packaging, pricing, and deployment options, and provides competitive analysis and in-depth analyst recommendations.

Version Upgrade Requests
Now that most Ultimus Version 7 and Version 8 releases are no longer supported, we wanted to remind you that assistance is available, and recommended, when upgrading to Ultimus Adaptive BPM Suite 2016, Ultimus Advanced Task Service 2016, and the pending release of the 2017 versions of these products.

Citizen Inquiry/Complaint Management Solution
Ultimus has made available for trial a fully functional business process automated with Ultimus Composed Process Solutions. Citizen Inquiry, is a generalized version of a CPS solution used various Ultimus government customers to efficiently automate the fulfillment of citizen information requests, complaints, compliments, and suggestions.

Digital Automation Platforms Webinar
MWD Advisors co-founder Neil Ward-Dutton joins Ultimus SVP Carsten Neumann and PROceed BPM co-founder Eric Ritchie to discuss the role of Digital Automation Platforms in digital transformation and demonstrate how Ultimus Composed Process Solutions can deliver and deploy business process software applications with unmatched speed, quality, cost, and business value.

Time Sheets and Leave Request Video Case Study
See a brief demonstration of Time Sheet Approval and Paid Time Off Request processes automated with Composed Process Solutions.

Composed Process Solutions Proof-of-Concept
Briefly describe your existing Ultimus process, or one you’d like to automate, and we will build and demo it using our Composed Process Solutions platform - and we’ll do it for free.

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