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Leverage Citizen Developers with Composable Business Process Automation

Business process automation is a top priority and organizations are enlisting citizen developers in their effort to digitize as fast as possible.

The Ultimus Digital Process Automation Suite is designed to harness the power and enthusiasm of citizen developers and satisfy the ever-increasing demand for more sophisticated, intelligent process applications - without an explosion of complexity, technical debt, and total cost of ownership.

The Ultimus DPA Suite, a single platform that satisfies both department/workgroup and complex enterprise use cases, is based on a unique compositional architecture that lets business users visually assemble digital assets - discrete business and technical capabilities, integrations, and automated tasks – into powerful, secure, end-to-end enterprise solutions.

Each digital asset interoperates with all the others as well as the platform’s built-in capabilities, and handles data and dependencies automatically.  The platform ships with an ever-growing list of digital assets and our Composer Pro lets customers create their own. That means the more the platform is used, the more powerful it becomes. 

One powerful cloud-based platform, one common architecture satisfying citizen developers all the way up to development professionals, enabling unprecedented collaboration, with built-in governance and best practice to ensure an optimized, fully aligned automation initiative.  

Learn more about application composition or contact one of our automation experts about your business process automation needs.


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