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Ultimus Announces Low-Code Governance Module

Ultimus announces a technology to manage the risks that come with low-code in an enterprise context.

Low-code development platforms promise faster delivery with less skilled developers.  In an enterprise context, all those new applications and automations come at the risk of security vulnerabilities, data leakages, uncontrolled expansion of use and cost, and exploding technical debt.  

Instead of relying on people, policies, and education to manage these risks, Ultimus announces a new, technology approach to low-code governance.  

The Ultimus Citizen Developer Workspace (“CDWS”) allows central IT to set policies and parameters for usage; grant access to functionality and resources based on risk and skill level; create managed libraries of secure, quality composable digital assets, integrations, and task automations; and administer the entire low-code initiative.  
The result?  Citizen developers can create more powerful, useful solutions with lower risk.  Organizations get visibility into and an inventory of applications, users, and ownership that ensures best practice, consistency, and manageability.   And because the Ultimus CDWS was created with the Ultimus low-code platform, it is configurable to get the right balance of business agility and risk, as well as extendable to meet unique requirements.







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