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Invoice Processing Transformed with Artificial Intelligence and Ultimus Digital Process Automation

Posted on: March 3, 2020

New York, NY – March 3, 2020 – Ultimus, the award-winning low-code BPM technology leader, demonstrates how modern intelligent automation technologies can quickly and easily transform complex business processes.

Ultimus and Gini GmbH have brought together two of today’s most exciting new technologies - Artificial Intelligence and low-code digital process automation – to eliminate the cost, complexity, and limitations of automated invoice processing.

Automating the invoice approval process, one of the most manual and expensive processes in accounting today, has long been a top business priority. But the complexity and limitations of OCR, BPM, RPA, and integration technologies have made automation a costly, low ROI proposition. By tightly integrating AI-based data extraction with low-code digital process automation technology, Ultimus and Gini make transformational end-to-end invoice automation a practical reality for all.

Ultimus AI Invoice, developed using the Ultimus Digital Process Automation Suite and proven AI-extraction capabilities, is configurable in hours or days to create a sophisticated, end-to-end invoice processing solution capable of meeting the most demanding enterprise requirements.

AI Invoice

See our prerecorded demonstration of how artificial intelligence and low-code digital process automation can transform your invoice process.

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