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Ultimus Announces AI-powered Low-Code Invoice Workflow Solution

Posted on: November 5, 2019

New York, NY – November 5, 2019 – Ultimus, the award-winning low-code BPM technology leader, has announced the availability of a breakthrough Artificial Intelligence-powered end-to-end invoice processing and approval solution.

Automating the invoice approval process, one of the most manual and expensive processes in accounting today, has long been a top business priority. But the complexity and limitations of OCR, BPM, RPA, and integration technologies have made automation a costly, low ROI proposition. By tightly integrating AI-based data extraction with low-code digital process automation technology, Ultimus has made transformational end-to-end invoice automation a practical reality for all.

Ultimus AI Invoice, developed using the Ultimus Digital Process Automation Suite and proven AI-extraction capabilities, is configurable in hours or days to create a sophisticated, end-to-end invoice processing solution capable of meeting the most demanding enterprise requirements.

Leigh Michl, Ultimus Chairman & CEO, commented, “New automation technologies like Artificial Intelligence have game-changing potential. To make them useful in a business process context, Ultimus puts all the low-level integration, logic, and user interface work into the form of a composable digital asset - not a one-off professional services project. Ultimus AI Invoice is a great example of how you can harness groundbreaking technologies and transform your business at a fraction yesterday’s cost and effort.”

See how artificial intelligence and low-code digital process automation can transform your invoice process.

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