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Ultimus announces Intelligent AI-Based Email Routing Solution

AI-based Email Routing optimizes customer satisfaction and operational efficiency, ensures compliance, and minimizes implementation effort.

The Ultimus Intelligent Email Routing Solution Framework elegantly and cost-effectively solves one of the most frustrating and yet most common of customer experiences – delayed, canned, inaccurate, or nonexistent responses to customer inquiry and issue emails – and ensures compliance with response time regulations.

This AI-based routing solution combines our industry-leading process foundation, unique compositional architecture, pre-built composable digital assets, and reusable Flobot® automations into a true end-to-end solution that is configurable to meet the exact needs of the most sophisticated use cases, optimizes customer experience and operational efficiency, and minimizes implementation effort.

Intelligent Email Routing:

  • Automatically launches a new case as emails arrive
  • Populates case files with email, documents, and data in enterprise systems
  • Leverages advanced Natural Language Processing models to analyze, classify, prioritize, and route cases to the right place
  • Automatically gathers training and retraining data to tune algorithms to each specific business
  • Interfaces with generative AI models for automated responses
  • Ensures timely and appropriate case follow-up and resolution

Developed with the industry leading Ultimus Digital Process Automation Suite, Ultimus Solution Frameworks offer the best of commercial off the shelf applications and business process automation platforms: fast time to live and maximum configurability, extendibility, and seamless interoperability with other business processes and applications. That means no one-off customizations and no application silos – just powerful, end-to-end solutions that get the job done right and in the most efficient way possible.

Intelligent Email Routing Process Map:

Intelligent Email Routing Process Map


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