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    The Ultimus Adaptive BPM Suite: Analyzed by the Experts

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    Deterrents for BPM Adoption

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    All Bundled Up: Process Management Predictions for 2011

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    The Concept of “Process” MUST BE an Extension of Daily Work Execution

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    BPM Space Analysis of Today: Big Fish or Big Dinosaurs?

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    Chris Adams Responds to: Gartner’s Article by Jim Sinur

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    Successful BPM Suites Are More Than Subjective Technology Evaluation

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    BPM, ACM, ECM… At Its Core, Your Company Simply has Process Needs

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    Who Is Driving The BPM Initiative In Your Company?

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    When It Comes To BPM Research, Do You Have All The Information?

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    In the Spotlight with Chris Adams and Theo Priestley

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    BPM Thoughts and Reflections from Last Week’s Gartner Conference

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    Ultimus Listed As “Honorable Mention” BPA platform in 2010 By Gartner

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    Thoughts from the Ultimus Americas Conference

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    Back of the BPM Napkin

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    Ultimus Adaptive BPM Suite V8.1 Reviewed by Analysts

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