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    Knowledge Workers need BPM

    Topics: Process Solutions, Workflow Automation Software, Unstructured Processes, Events/Webinars, BPM Software

    Looking at The BP Oil Situation From a Process Perspective

    Topics: process efficiency, Process Improvement, Visibility, BPM Software, Process Communications, Business Process Automation

    Who Is Driving The BPM Initiative In Your Company?

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    BPM- A Sustainable Strategy for Your Company

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    Top 5 Reasons You Need To Automate Your Processes in 2010

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    Evaluating a Process Modeling Tool On Your Own - Wise Decision?

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    Lean vs Six Sigma: What's the Difference?

    Topics: Lean Six Sigma

    Patient Care & Safety: The Importance of Standard Procedures

    Topics: Healthcare, BPM Software

    Security in BPM Suites Can Remedy Security Breaches

    Topics: Healthcare, BPM Software

    Response to: "SMBs and the BPM Vendors' Dirty Little Secret"

    Topics: BPM Software

    Business Processes Should Not Be Driven By IT Initiatives

    Topics: BPM Software

    Getting Started with Process Modeling

    Topics: Process Modeling

    Recognizing Your Need Business Process Improvements

    Topics: Process Improvement

    American Recovery & Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Enforces Regulations


    Chris Adams Responds to: Business Process article by Dan Woods

    Topics: Process Development

    Chris Adams Responds to: SharePoint, BPM and Document Imaging Article

    Topics: SharePoint, BPM Software, Business Process Automation

    BPM solution versus BPM offering....Are you aware of the differences?

    Topics: BPM Software