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Announcing the Release of Ultimus WebClient and UATS 2015

Posted on: June 30, 2015

Ultimus Advanced Task Service with Ultimus WebClient 2015 has just been released and is now available to Ultimus customers. UATS/WebClient 2015 contains several important features and improvements for end users, simplifications and enhancements in administration, and operation and enhancements for high load and mission critical environments, especially in relation to load balancing and business continuity.

UATS/WebClient 2015 enhancements include:

  • End-user usability and performance enhancements
    • Login procedure improvements with reduced login time
    • New “Login as…” option (if SSO is used)
    • Column order in all Templates can be changed within UATS Administrator
    • Various GUI and handling improvements, e.g. with Drag-and-drop of Tasks to Folders, Assigning Tasks or with Sharing Folders
  • Simplifications and enhancements in administration and operation
    • Ease in Alias handling (process version independence option where a newly created Alias can re-use a prior definition from an earlier version of the process)
    • Configurable date and time zones for UATS logging
    • Installation improvements (e.g. when installing in DMZ architecture)
  • Stability and performance enhancements
    • Service startup, service communication and service monitoring (especially with UATS in an NLB environment)
    • Various database improvements (especially when using Oracle database)

It is highly recommended that customers using the 2014 R1/R2 versions upgrade to the latest 2015 release to benefit from latest improvements, to maximize performance, and for the best possible support.

To ensure the best experience with this new release, we ask that customers complete the UATS/WebClient request form prior to accessing UATS/WebClient 2015.