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Ultimus and BDO Announce Partnership for Bank Credit Process Digitization

We now provide an end-to-end digitized credit solution that spans credit underwriting, credit monitoring, loan administration, and relationship management.

Ultimus, the award-winning leader in low-code digital process automation, and BDO in Germany, one of the leading companies for auditing and audit-related services, tax and business law consulting, and advisory services, have partnered to provide you with a fast, cost effective path to digital transformation - one that delivers meaningful ROI in the short term as well as competitive advantage in the longer term.

By combining digital process automation and financial domain expertise, the Ultimus/BDO partnership provides its customers with a tailored, end-to-end digitized credit solution that spans credit underwriting, credit monitoring, loan administration, and relationship management - a holistic, end-to-end approach that increases revenue, decreases costs, and mitigates credit risk.

Ultimus and BDO leverages the partnership’s Credit Digitization Framework, a collection of pre-built reusable digital assets and capabilities; solution fragments; and process, report, and dashboard templates that can be composed and recomposed to create a seamless, agile, and fully digitized credit function tailored to the exact needs of each bank.

The Credit Digitization Framework:

  • Quickly unlocks measurable business value in a core function, bringing savings that make future transformation efforts self-funding
  • Provides a consolidated, 360-degree relationship view/dashboard for both employees and customers
  • Aggregates all process and product interactions to eliminate tedious, time-consuming, and redundant client information requests, improve data quality, and speed turnaround times
  • Automatically triggers process launches and escalations based on definable, dynamic rules, events, and thresholds
  • Extends private, secure process participation and self-service to clients, allowing all stakeholders to share in the benefits of digitization
  • Establishes a holistic digital architecture to accelerate seamless, coordinated end-to-end digitization across the business.

Contact us to learn more about how Ultimus and BDO can accelerate your digital transformation.

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Philip Stegner
Senior Manager, BDO AG
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Mohamed Omar
President, Ultimus MEA
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