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Independent Research Firm calls Prescriptive Low-Code the “fastest way to acquire software solutions”

Forrester Research’s report describes how “Ultimus embraced the prescriptive low-code approach for process-automation apps before the approach had a name”.

Ultimus one of the vendors ”Driving Prescriptive Low-Code”

New York, NY – October 30, 2020 – Ultimus announced today that Forrester Research, in their recent report Prescriptive Low-Code: The New Quest To Marry the Best of Packaged And Custom Apps, outlined the next advance in low-code software development – Prescriptive Low-Code Platforms - and described how “Ultimus embraced the prescriptive low-code philosophy for process-automation apps before the approach had a name”.

According to Forrester, this new type of development platform “seeks to combine the best of packaged applications – pre-built and pre-architected solutions to specific business problems – with the best of development platforms – tools to create solutions that reflect what makes an enterprise unique”. Forrester calls this new concept’s advantages – speed of delivery, application integrity, performance, and flexibility – “irresistible” and forecasts it to catch on in some form.

Leigh Michl, Ultimus Chairman & CEO, stated “We are pleased that Forrester recognizes the value of this approach to software development, one that we’ve long been committed to. Ultimus is the only established player in the category and we’ve proven to our global customer base that it’s the way to deliver complex, highly tailored apps faster, with higher quality, and, of course, cheaper. Our innovation is the application of modern domain-engineering principles to “industrialize” the production of software. It’s not only faster and cheaper, it ensures that business processes are digitized in a way that keeps them aligned with the goals of digital transformation.”

Read the Forrester Prescriptive Low-Code Report

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