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Composable Delivery - the Future of Solution Implementation Services

Service providers that employ a compositional delivery model will win more business, deliver successfully, and scale profitably.

Organizations are increasingly looking at software application composition as the path to speed, agility, and resiliency at the lowest possible cost.  In the fragmented and competitive service provider market, the ability to employ a compositional delivery model will become the key differentiator for winning business, delivering successfully, and scaling profitably.

The Ultimus DPA Suite, called “one of the most comprehensive and well-thought-through digital process management systems on the market”, is the only low-code platform based on a fully compositional architecture.   It lets service providers create and assemble customer, industry, and use case specific digital assets - discrete business and technical capabilities, integrations, and automated tasks – into powerful, secure, end-to-end enterprise solutions.  Think of it as a “software factory” that replaces the old one-off building from scratch “craftsman” model.

Aside from the many customer-related advantages, a composable delivery model also many benefits for the implementer:
Scalability – Service providers can put their domain and delivery expertise into the form of reusable digital assets, rather than scarce and expensive human assets.

Revenue Growth and Improved Margins – Software reuse lowers implementation costs for the customer, so previously unaffordable projects are no longer budget breakers.  For the implementer, however, the lower project price tag is more than offset by the increased win rate and number of projects per customer.  And each project is more profitable because it requires less expensive talent, improves quality and supportability, and reduces complexity.

Customer Retention – Delivering higher quality projects increases customer satisfaction and, as the service provider creates more and more digital assets, it becomes increasingly rare to encounter new requirements that require development effort – thereby creating a barrier to entry that is difficult, if not impossible, for competitors to overcome.  And by enabling pervasive automation and increasing customer agility and resilience, the service provider becomes an indispensable strategic vendor. 

Contact us if you would like to learn more about the success our Ultimus partners have enjoyed, or to get a demonstration of our unique composition approach. 

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