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The Experience Leader in Bank Account Opening Automation with Low-Code Technology

Posted on: July 22, 2021

While low-code development platforms have struggled to break out of the realm of the department, the Ultimus Digital Process Automation has been proven, time and again, in core, mission critical, and customer-facing use cases.

Perhaps nowhere is this more apparent than in banking. To date, 14 Ultimus customers spanning 3 continents have used our DPA Suite to automate or modernize their retail, commercial, and corporate account opening processes.

Account opening is the life blood of banking. It’s not only the first step in the revenue generating process and the first opportunity to dazzle customers with an exceptional customer experience, it also has myriad compliance and risk implications. And, as any bank can attest, it is a lot more complex than meets the eye.

Why have so many banks turned to Ultimus for account opening? It’s because account opening is not just one process, it’s many processes - each with different flavors depending on the type of account being opened, the risk profile of the customer, and where the bank operates. The Ultimus DPA architecture is uniquely suited to such a scenario.

account opening

Ultimus DPA Portal built-in form validation reduces errors.

On the process side, Ultimus’ patented rules-based BPM engine allows our customers to easily define and manage the rules that handle the unique conditional process flow, routing, escalation, and compliance scenarios of each product and region – from fully automated to sophisticated human-in-the-loop approvals.

On the application side, Ultimus’ novel low-code application development paradigm shortens solution time-to-live, increases agility, and improves data quality by allowing customers to create reusable business objects and integrations that can be used across related business processes. That means that account opening form elements, logic, and integrations can be applied to account maintenance, credit and transaction approval, tax reporting, legal actions, cross and upsell, and other bank processes.

account opening email2Automatically generated forms with instance data can capture wet or e-signatures.

And the platform excels in production. Our unique Ultimus Advanced Task Service, a service layer that ensures high availability and performance at scale, works seamlessly with our DPA Portal to create a responsive, unified inbox/workspace for all processes, process interactions, and process participants. And with built-in UX best practices, our Portal’s standardized user interface convention works on any device, reduces training requirements, reduces errors with built-in form validations, and is pre-localized so customers and employees can work in the language of their choice.

Contact us to learn why 14 of the world’s leading banks have selected our platform for their account opening process.

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