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Upcoming Ultimus Webinar: Accelerating Digital Transformation with Low-Code Platforms

Guest presenter, Forrester Research VP and Principal Analyst John Rymer, explains how Application Development & Delivery evolves to realize true transformation.

* Update: This webinar is now over. Please view the recording here.

In a world where speed is more important than size, both survival and success require new thinking, strategies, and technologies.

Our guest presenter, Forrester Research Vice President and Principal Analyst John R. Rymer, will explain how Application Development & Delivery must evolve to realize true transformation: an entire enterprise in digital form, capable of innovating, changing, and responding at the speed of digital.

Mohamed Omar, President – Ultimus MEA, will show us that digital enterprise of the future.  A radical new future where we compose, recompose, and generate software families – software families that solve higher order business problems - on demand using digital assets in a common Digital Solution Ecosystem - created and managed by Ultimus Composed Process Solutions®

In an earlier webinar, Forrester Research Principal Analyst Clay Richardson explained that digital transformation had challenged traditional BPM technologies and fueled the emergence of “Low-Code Development Platforms”.   Ultimus introduced its Composed Process Solutions® technology, a novel “industrial approach” to low-code development that produces unmatched gains in application delivery time, quality, manageability, cost - and business value.

This webinar will take attendees a step further: demonstrating the digital enterprise of the future in action today.  

Key Takeaways:

  • Transformation requires a new, fundamentally different approach to AD&D
  • Successful businesses need reusable digital assets
  • Creating a “solution ecosystem” will be the cornerstone of business success

Who should attend:

  • Business leaders driving digital business initiatives
  • IT Leaders
  • AD&D Professionals and BPM Professionals

Update: This webinar is now over. Please view the recording here.

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