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Introducing New DPA Solution Starters

Announcing new Digital Process Automation Solution Starters: Quotation Manager, Configuration and Repair Manager, Warranty Manager, Bulk Incident Launch

We have recently expanded our roster of Ultimus Digital Process Automation (DPA) Solution Starters: functional business process automation solutions that are readily configurable to meet your most demanding enterprise requirements. DPA Solution Starters are free to customers with a valid Ultimus license and support contract.

DPA Solution Starters are composed from reusable digital assets according to our domain-driven engineering approach – an approach that not only speeds time-to-live, but delivers more business value than conventional “templates”, “accelerators”, and other types of pre-built apps.

New DPA Solution Starters that are now available include:

  • Quotation Manager
  • Configuration and Repair Manager
  • Warranty Manager
  • Self-Registration and User Management
  • Bulk Incident Launch
  • Activity Scheduler
  • Solution Bus Log Application
  • Services Status Manager

Invoice Control Solution Starter

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