Ultimus Digital Process Automation Suite

Ultimus Collaborative Client

The Ultimus Collaborative Client enables users to participate seamlessly in business processes using their email or a Web browser without the need for any additional client-side software. In addition to accessing and working on their tasks, workers can collaborate, monitor their workload, return tasks, share work with co-workers, and perform many other administrative capabilities on their work.

Ultimus provides several versions of the client for different platforms and applications including:

  • Thin Clients - to be hosted in any HTML 3.2 browser
  • Outlook Client - which appears as a folder in Outlook.
  • Custom Client - allowing users to develop their own client.
  • SharePoint Web Parts - so the workload can be presented in a portal.

Sample functionality includes:

  • Automatic display of the electronic form for any user-selected task
  • Simple completion and send process
  • Immediate continuation after a step is complete

The Ultimus Client has dozens of features built into the product with collaboration in mind:

  • Ad-hoc routing
  • Conferring
  • Sending memos
  • Shared Views
  • Shared workload
  • Reassign work
  • Workload monitoring
  • Return tasks
  • Task forwarding
  • Numerous administrative capabilities

Ultimus ClientClick to enlarge screenshot

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