8-Week Time to Live Guarantee

Ultimus created Ultimus Solution Frameworks to speed solution time to live; reduce software licensing, implementation, and maintenance costs; and reduce risk.

Ultimus Solution Frameworks are families of automated business process solutions, developed by Ultimus using the Ultimus Digital Process Automation Suite, that address a common functional or industry use case. Unlike conventional packaged solutions, Ultimus Solution Frameworks combine the knowledge and best practices from past implementations with our industry leading workflow to ensure maximum configurability, flexibility, extendibility, and process interoperability.

Best of all, Ultimus Solution Frameworks are composed using reusable Composed Process Solutions business objects that can be recomposed into additional automation solutions.

Ultimus Solution Frameworks are backed by our 8-week time to live guarantee. Ultimus guarantees that the solution framework will be delivered production ready for a flat services fee within 8 weeks of project sign off.

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