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Ultimus Time Sheet Processing ensures accurate and on time reporting and processing of work time. The solution thereby provides real time visibility into employee work time balance, cuts  unproductive work, and increases the quality of data. Companies have achieved significant improvements by cutting cycle times from 3 weeks to one day and saving one full time employee in the HR department.

Significantly Improving Efficiency and Visibility

Ultimus Time Sheet Processing provides companies with a highly efficient way of handling employee work time reporting and ensures instant access to accurate and current information. Human Resource departments save time and can devote their mindshare to more important tasks. Employees have their work time balance at their fingertips when planning vacation or taking time off. All related information is automatically stored in respective systems and available for management, analysis and decision support.

Ultimus Time Sheet Processing automatically handles

  • work, sick and leave time capturing in customizable time intervals
  • notifications and escalations for punctual and accurate time reporting and processing
  • data transfer into human resources and payroll systems, and
  • real-time visibility into work time balance for employees and operations.

Increase Efficiency and Reliability

Ultimus’ high impact solutions are geared towards quickly delivering substantial improvements to organizations. Workforce shifts from unproductive to revenue increasing activities through efficient time capturing and processing. Automatic tracking and data transfer ensures accurate information and real time decision support. Ultimus Time Sheet Processing delivers real time visibility, human resource and overall employee efficiency, and greater accuracy and control in Payroll and HR departments.

Real time visibility of accurate data

Employees are able to instantly see their exact work time balance, including overtime, sick and vacation time. When planning time off, they can rely on accurate information, without requiring human resources to get involved. Applications can readily access and display work time data to support managers with decisions and automatically trigger rules and respective actions.

Improved Operational Efficiency

Human resource departments require accurate and punctual time sheet reporting to keep work time records current and provide employees, managers and Payroll with correct information and approvals. Ultimus Time Sheet Processing automatically ensures reliable reporting, tracking and processing of work time data without getting human resources involved. Organizations thereby cut unproductive work for HR departments and for employees, since information is readily available without manual inquiries.

Greater Accuracy in Payroll and HR Departments

Data accuracy is essential for companies to be successful with time sheet processing; especially if paychecks are based on hours worked each month. Reports need to be delivered to managers in a timely fashion and Payroll requires accurate and approved information. Companies will see enhanced accuracy, control and reliability with Ultimus Time Sheets Processing. The solution closely tracks capturing and processing of information and triggers corrective actions, when deadlines are missed. Approvals are monitored and stored for future audits. Payroll and human resources therefore receive accurate input for paychecks and work time records in time and without any manual overhead.

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Organizations face significant challenges when processing time sheets through paper forms or e-mail, due to the amount of unnecessary work and long cycle times. Human Resources strive to reduce unproductive work by eliminating follow-ups with employees, managers and Payroll on missing forms, incorrect data and inaccurate paychecks, and seek automatic transfer of information into disparate systems. Managers require fast time sheet submittal to ensure accuracy and employees short cycle times and easy access to their working time account to verify their balance and plan their time off.


Ultimus Time Sheet Processing ensures timely submittal and handling of reports, accuracy of information and drastically cuts cycle time. The data is automatically transferred between the different systems, reducing unproductive work and providing employees with instant access to their current work time balance. Human Resources and Payroll are able to efficiently track and manage overtime hours, and ensure accurate overtime pay for each employee. All data can easily be made accessible to senior managers for real-time visibility and analysis of workforce time balance and thereby improve the quality of decisions.


  • Cut cycle times from 3 weeks to one day
  • Savings of 1 Full Time Employee in Human Resources
  • Accurate overtime pay
  • Instant access to current work time balance