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New Hire Process

Decrease Time in your Onboarding Process

The Ultimus New Hire process standardizes and centralizes new hire data as well as automates the application and interview processes to ensure efficiency and accuracy.


Many companies who have implemented the Ultimus New Hire process have reported great successes. Benefits our customers have received include: enhanced visibility, greater efficiency for HR departments and hiring managers, and greater accuracy and control in collecting new hire data and getting each on board.

Enhanced Visibility

With the Ultimus New Hire process, information flows electronically for approvals and verifications. This provides increased visibility into key databases and employee records, resulting in HR departments having a way to review job offers that had been extended in the past as a point of reference. Visibility into the process and automated tracking ensures positions are filled in a timely manner.

Improved Operational Efficiency for HR and Hiring Managers

The Ultimus New Hire process provides integration with other databases and allows HR personnel and hiring managers to make salary decisions for new hires based on the current employee pool. Since all applicants must be reviewed by multiple individuals before offers for employment can be extended, the Ultimus New Hire process assists HR departments and hiring managers in tracking the status of application reviews to make necessary preparations for employee onboarding.

Greater Accuracy and Control in New Hire Data

Many companies have seen that with the Ultimus New Hire process, they have received greater control over the hiring timeline and preparing for new employee onboarding. By automating the new hire process, companies will be able to properly record and store company and employee data, including job postings and approvals, employee applications, agreements to background checks, payroll forms, and insurance information.

Solution Overview

Using the Ultimus New Hire process, companies can automate employee onboarding forms and decrease the time and speed at which this process is completed.

1. The request to hire is sent to the approval board

  • The hiring manager submits a request for hire to the approval board which comprises of HR and high-level executives
  • The request includes the job description and reason for the new hire
  • After the hiring manager fills out the pre-populated form, it is sent to the approval board (identified through organization chart)

2. Approval board accepts or denies

  • Request for a new hire arrives in the approval board’s inbox
  • They review the request
  • After review, they either accept or deny the new hire request
  • If approved, the job is posted online; if denied, the process ends

3. Interviews are conducted

  • After HR receives applications through the Ultimus New Hire process, they decide which applicants to interview
  • All applicant and interview data is recorded and stored in Ultimus
  • HR and hiring managers review each applicant and decide on the ideal candidate

4. Offer is made

  • Upon agreement between HR and the Hiring Manager, and offer is verbally and electronically made to the ideal candidate
  • The candidate can either accept or deny the offer
  • If accepted, the new hire agrees to the offer and completes the necessary onboarding forms
  • If the offer is denied, the job is reposted and the process starts again

The Ultimus New Hire process ensures that complete and correct new hire data is submitted and stored properly. In addition, HR departments have increased time to perform a more thorough analysis of potential hires rather than chasing down paperwork. This helps improve the overall quality of personnel being hired and ensures they are compensated on a more level playing field.



Many companies to date still have their new hire process document or paper-based and are finding that it takes unnecessary amounts of time and resources to complete this simple process when needed. For larger companies, this process can take many weeks for Human Resources (HR) to fill open positions. This leads to the following pain points:

  • Manual and time consuming new hire process
  • Limited tracking and access to hiring requests and historical data
  • Applications lost or tied up in bottlenecks


Through the Ultimus New Hire process, companies will see this process run much more efficiently and effectively. This solution improves visibility into each new hire process, seamlessly integrates for effective flow of information between departments, and provides a way for HR and hiring managers to properly track interview statuses and where applications stand in the approval process.


  • The Ultimus New Hire process has saved many companies 1-2 hours per new hire request
  • This process has saved companies hundreds of hours that can be reallocated to other tasks
  • Companies have seen greater control over the hiring timeline, resulting in new employees coming onboard in a much more time efficient manner


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