Ultimus Solution Profile

Expense Reporting/Expense Management Processes

The Ultimus Digital Automation Suite is the fastest and most cost-effective way to deploy automated Finance and Accounting processes.

Make digital transformation a practical reality with processes that:

  • are tailored to customer-specific requirements;
  • inherently work together, share data, and are managed as seamless families, instead of point solutions;
  • work on any device and in any language without additional effort;
  • reduce training with uniform interfaces incorporating best UX practices; and
  • can be deployed in the cloud or on-premise.

Expense Reporting process automated with CPS – built-in multi-device/multi-language:

expense report mobile spanish

Unified inbox/completed items view of Finance/Accounting processes:

finance completed items

Validations and Policy enforcement:

expense report policy

Receipt viewing, validation, and review:

expense report receipt view

expense report valid document

Comprehensive incident history view by process step:

expense report history

Enhanced usability features – Save and Load drafts:

expense report draft




Expense Reporting and Approval Solution Starter Demo

Expense Reporting and Approval allows business travelers to record multi-currency expenses, attach receipts, and submit requests for reimbursement in the currency of their choice, and manages the approval of the reports and the recording of expenses to accounts, cost centers, and projects.

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