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Employee Performance Review

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The Ultimus Employee Performance Review provides organizations with quick, efficient and transparent employee review processing. Human Resource departments free up resources and achieve visibility into status, performance and key human resource metrics.

The Ultimus Employee Performance Review automatically handles:

  • form and information distribution to managers, human resources and payroll departments
  • notifications and escalations for timely reviews and approvals
  • instant data entry into human resources and payroll systems, and
  • real-time tracking, monitoring, reporting and analysis of performance reviews.

Drive Significant Improvements

Ultimus’ high impact solutions are geared towards quickly delivering substantial improvements to organizations. Workforce shifts from unproductive to revenue increasing activities through task and control automation. Full tracking and visibility into status, content and performance increases productivity and facilitates alerts when thresholds are reached. Review processing is reduced from weeks to days by streamlining activities and utilizing Ultimus’ extensive  humancentric exception handling. The Ultimus Employee Performance Review is designed with change and adaptation in mind. New procedures, forms or roles are immediately reflected in the solution, cutting costs and driving sustainable value to the organization.

Improved operational efficiency of HR

Human Resource departments quickly increase operational efficiency by reducing administrative and managerial overhead involved in manually providing and tracking review forms. Evaluation data is automatically transferred to related systems, eliminating rework and making it instantly available to human resources and payroll.

Increased visibility into operations

Identifying and solving challenges requires profound information, which is only available through process solutions. With the Ultimus Employee Performance Review, organizations have instant access to measures, such as amount of reviews conducted, overdue, escalated and outstanding, ratings and pay raises suggested and approved, time elapsed for each step and from start to finish, etc. that provide insight and can trigger corrective actions. All information is readily available in real-time and without any manual work.

Greater control, reliability and quality

The Ultimus solution enforces procedures and guidelines and ensures users work with valid data and forms. Tasks are conducted on time by authorized people and are documented auditable. Companies control document related challenges like lost reviews, incorrect or incomplete information and lack of audit trail. Human resources no longer have to monitor performance reviews and take corrective actions that can be easily handled by predefined procedures.

Employee Performance Review

Screenshot: Employee Review Form with evaluation criteria, automatic pay raise calculation and digital signature

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While important, conducting employee reviews is often a challenge in many organizations. Human resource employees invest a significant amount of time in preparing, managing and ensuring performance evaluations are delivered on time, while making sure they are accurate according to the latest guidelines and procedures. Instead, companies need to focus on identifying and developing human capital to remain competitive and to grow profitability. To be successful, it is important for human resource employees to shift focus from unproductive routines to developing the intellectual assets of an organization.


The Ultimus Employee Performance Review takes control of the employee review and makes sure the evaluations are delivered within given time frames, according to company guidelines and with appropriate quality. By tracking all activities, human resource departments have insight into the status, content and performance of the reviews, and are also notified if corrective actions need to be taken. This provides the HR staff with the opportunity to focus on important and productive tasks and to develop the intellectual capital of the organization.

Solution Overview

Review Initiation

  • Review process starts automatically on scheduled day
  • Most recent review form is prepopulated with employee data
  • Manager is identified through organization chart

Employee Review

  • Manager receives notification and conducts review
  • Evaluation and recommendations are entered into prepared form
  • Deadlines are managed by reminders and escalations
  • Calculation of pay raise based on employee evaluation and policy

HR Approval

  • Human Resources reviews evaluation
  • Pay raise and recommendations are approved
  • Human Resource system is updated automatically

Payroll Update

  • Payroll receives notification of pay raise
  • New pay is automatically entered into system
  • Salary increase takes effect on specified date

Employee Notification

  • Employee receives evaluation for own records
  • Notification if pay raise has been accepted