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Prince William County of Virginia Automates Employee Performance Reviews

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Ultimus Client: Prince William County Government, Virginia
Industry: Public Sector
Solution: Employee Performance Reviews

Prince William County Government, Virginia services a population of over 321,000 and employs roughly 3,600 people from various agencies that serve public works, fire and police response as well as social services.


In 2001, Prince William County found the need to automate its employee review process to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its Human Resources department. Because Prince William County employs so many people throughout different agencies, it was difficult to track and complete employee review forms in a reasonable timeframe. In addition, the Human Resources department was understaffed, so the significant amount of time spent keying in information for each employee review form took resources away from other important HR processes. Aside from time wasted, Prince William County also found it was spending an unreasonable amount in gas money as supervisors could have to drive up to 30 miles to deliver employee review forms to HR. Prince William County’s employee review process was far from efficient and many employees had to follow up with the HR department because of the paper trail.

Bruce Nicholson, systems development manager for Prince William County Government explains, “Each agency within the county we work with has a different employee review form to fill out. Because our HR department was understaffed, it was difficult for them to collect each review form, enter the information and send the forms along to payroll in a time-efficient manner. It was also difficult for employees to track where review forms stood in the approval process, so they constantly had to follow up with HR.”

Ultimus' Approach

Using the Ultimus Adaptive BPM Suite, Prince William County automated its employee review process and it now takes the Human Resources department much less time to approve each review. At first, the employee review form started out in a Word doc. format but has developed into an Excel format for ease-of-use.

Employee review forms include the employee’s name, current salary, date of their last review and the date of their next review. The employee’s supervisor is able to score their performance in a variety of areas. The final score on the evaluation form automatically calculates the pay increase the employee should receive. Supervisors login to Ultimus, complete the employee review form and then attach it to the Ultimus Process Evaluation Merit. Once complete, the form is automatically sent to the Human Resources department for approval and then to payroll. Once the Payroll department approves the form, the employee’s raise will automatically go through following pay. Since Ultimus interfaces with each department, there is never a need for HR to re-key employee information, saving time and resources.

Nicholson comments, “Ultimus was very easy to integrate. The end users love it. They appreciate the ease-of-use and visibility Ultimus provides in completing the employee review process. Not only is the software great, but we have really enjoyed working with the Ultimus team. The staff is very knowledgeable and I would definitely recommend their services.”

About Ultimus

Ultimus has automated more business processes than any other Business Process Management (BPM) vendor worldwide. Ultimus Adaptive BPM Suite has enabled companies to accelerate their performance goals at every stage of corporate growth. Ultimus’ award-winning technology seamlessly adapts to people, systems and change. Utilized by more than 2,000 customers worldwide, Ultimus provides solutions to organizations such as Chevron, Sony, Pfizer, Bausch + Lomb, Newell Rubbermaid, Bayer, Frito Lay, AT&T, and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Ultimus is headquartered in North America, and has additional offices in Latin America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Australia.

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  • A cumbersome amount of employee reviews each year from different agencies
  • Time-consuming, manual employee review process
  • Understaffed HR department
  • The need for process transparency to connect agencies to the HR department
  • High gas expenses as  supervisors could have to travel up to 30 miles to deliver a review form


  • Automate the employee  review process
  • Routing process to ensure accuracy and control of information
  • Employee review forms electronically filled out by supervisor, then sent along to HR and then to payroll


  • Tracking capabilities for  employee review forms
  • Ease-of-use and process transparency
  • A green alternative to  paper-based processes
  • All departments are now interfaced
  • Saving a considerable amount of time and money to complete employee reviews

Measureable Results

Prince William County is very pleased with the results from automating its employee review process. The Ultimus BPM Suite enabled Prince William County to improve the efficiency, accuracy and speed of its employee review process dramatically. Additional benefits include:

  • Prince William County has saved a significant amount of money on gas as there is no need to drive review forms across the county
  • Employees are able to easily track where review forms stand in the approval process
  • Employee raises are put into effect immediately in their next pay Prince William County has eliminated its employee review paper trail
  • Prince William County is now able to maintain payroll and HR staffing levels
  • Prince William County was so pleased with its employee review process that it may automate additional processes with Ultimus, including their new hire process