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La Caixa: 5 Times Faster in Delivering Business Needs - Largest Spanish Retail Bank Automates IT Service Management


Ultimus Client: La Caixa
Industry: Retail Banking
Solution: IT Service Management

La Caixa, through CaixaBank is the leading bank in Spain by assets, deposits and loans. More than 36,000 employees in 6,800 branches provide banking and insurance services to 14 million clients. The company has a strong commitment to growth across all segments domestically as well as internationally. Innovative technologies support this strategy by empowering employees to consistently deliver high quality service and comprehensive offerings across multiple channels.

Challenge to Support Business

Banking and financial service organizations face significant challenges in adapting to changing customer requirements, legal regulations and market forces. Processes and people are constantly realigned, requiring IT Service Management to keep up with access rights, software and equipment provisioning, applications and infrastructure. Rigid technology makes every change difficult, time consuming and costly, and makes tracking, approving and documenting them impossible. IT organizations thereby fail to support agile businesses and overspend on human and financial resources.

Process based IT Service Management

When Caixabank found itself in a similar situation, the IT Services group decided to set up a new structure and technology that would provide the flexibility to make changes fast and easy, handle approvals and tracking automatically, and streamline operations to deliver services within budget. In search for a solution, they turned to Getronics for advice, an IT Service and Consulting division of Dutch IT & Telecommunications firm KPN. After several meetings, Caixabank was convinced that they needed a process based IT Service Management solution based on Ultimus. Process solutions coordinate people and systems according to rules while ensuring visibility and accountability for all tasks. With Ultimus, solutions inherit the ease of use, the flexibility and the people management functionality from the process platform to achieve true agility for their operations. Caixabank felt well prepared to significantly improve their IT Service Management with the help of Ultimus.

Caixabank set up a BPM team that also involved external resources to quickly start their initiative and skip the significant learning curve of process related projects. The process team analyzed the situation and selected the areas that had the greatest opportunity for improvement. Once the first process was implemented, the results were measured to prove the success and ability of the new IT Service Management solution. Their success triggered many more process implementations in the area of Identity and Access Management, Software and Device Provisioning, Infrastructure Access and IT Asset Management.

Results: Enabling Business Agility

With Ultimus, Caixabank has significantly improved their IT Service Management.

Up to 5-Times Faster in Meeting Business Requirements
IT Services cut the time from request to delivery by up to 80%. They now can react faster to changing business needs, increase the productivity of the business workforce and better support the growth strategy of the company.

In Time and on Budget
Streamlining processes, automating important but unproductive tasks and putting the system in charge of managing, tracking and documenting work significantly increases operational efficiency. The IT Service Management solution now allows Caixabank to meet aggressive deadlines, remain within budget and constantly increase their performance.

Low Risk
Process flows, rules and procedures enforced through the IT Service Management solution comply with IT Governance Policies and ensure that accountability is achieved. Every request, approval and task is automatically documented in the system and can be provided for audits and reviews. Caixabank thereby complies with industry regulations in respect to their IT Service Management solution.

Full Visibility into Service Management Performance
With process based IT Service Management, IT has full visibility into its operations and can ensure service level agreements are met. The level of achievement is monitored via key performance indicators that notify when further attention is required. In doing so, Caixabank ensures that the performance goals of IT service management are achieved and constantly improved.


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With Ultimus, Caixabank has significantly improved their IT Service Management.

  • 5x faster meeting business requirements
  • Enabling business agility in time and on budget
  • Significantly lower compliance risk
  • Full visibility and control into IT Service Management

Solution Highlights:

Ultimus OrgChart User Management
Caixabank values the graphical organization chart management that Ultimus provides. This allows IT Service Management to keep up with all the changes to people, roles, groups, etc. timely and efficiently.

Adaptive BPM for low TCO
The Ultimus process platform is designed for change and provides many modules for business people to make instant adjustments to the processes. Solutions are implemented quickly, are easy to change and therefore provide sustainable value to the organization for low total cost of ownership (TCO) and high return on investment (ROI).

People Management
People are the most critical aspect in achieving success through process solutions. Ultimus has been dedicated to people centric processes since the beginning and has developed comprehensive functionality to ensure successful adoption of the solution within the organization.