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Leading Insurance Provider Decreases Time of Insurance Claims from 10 Days to 15 Hours with Ultimus BPM



Ultimus Client: If Latvia
Industry: Insurance
Solution: Claims Handling Process

Latvian Subsidiary of the Leading Insurance Provider in the Nordic Region Chooses Ultimus to Replace Paper-Based Processes, Achieve Greater Efficiencies. With the Ultimus BPM Suite, If Latvia Reduces Time to Decision from 10 Days to 15 Hours for Insurance Claims Submitted by Car Dealers.

If Latvia, Latvian subsidiary of one of Northern Europe’s largest insurance companies, offers property and casualty insurance to private and corporate customers in Nordic and the Baltic countries. If Latvia uses the Ultimus BPM Suite to speed up its automotive claims handling process, which now involves the participation of car dealers and repair shops in order to achieve greater efficiencies.

Before If Latvia deployed the Ultimus BPM Suite, customers had to visit the office of their insurance company and a car dealer several times in order to have their claims processed in person. This caused customers a lot of frustration and took up an unnecessary amount of time.

Problems Addressed

By utilizing the Ultimus BPM Suite’s programming-free process modeling, development environment, flexible integration, workflow capabilities, powerful management tools and easy-to-use Web interfaces for process participants, If Latvia became the first insurance provider in Latvia to automate its claims handling process, resulting in significantly improved operational efficiency. Today, instead of visiting insurance companies just to submit automotive claims, customers can now go directly to a car repair shop and have everything taken care of there. This has vastly improved reported customer satisfaction.

Solution Overview

“Using Ultimus, the turnaround time for claims handling is as little as three hours, starting from the minute the customer first notifies us about the damage they’ve sustained to the moment their car is completely  repaired,” said Oskars Hartmanis, head of the Claims Department at If Latvia and Baltic.

In addition, If Latvia has seen the following improvements by implementing the Ultimus BPM Suite:

  • Decision time of insurance claims submitted by car dealers was reduced from 10 days to 15 hours
  • Less manual work for If employees
  • Automated communications
  • More satisfaction and loyalty from partners and customers

”Ultimus has changed the way we do business with our partners – both car dealers and car repair shops. Using BPM, If Latvia is one again ahead of its competitors because we are able to do more than accept a claim notification from the customer. The process of automotive claims handling has become very streamlined - we automatically redirect customer Web applications to the car repair shop of his or her choice without the need to visit If Latvia’s office. The best time and cost savings for us and for the customer comes from small-sized claims being processed using Ultimus,” added Hartmanis.

“Ultimus was able to easily integrate with our core insurance system, and improve the quality of claims decisions as well as sales results,” said Janis Kesteris, head of If Baltic & Russia’s IT Development Unit. “This has meant less time spent on decision-making regarding claims payments, less manual labor for employees, and faster claims processing for our customers and repair shop partners. If Latvia is known as the most innovative insurance company on the local market and was the first to start selling policies online. Just five months into the online sales, the company is seeing 10 percent of all private segment products being sold via the web. The improved claims handling process multiplies the success of the sales department. Our investment in the Ultimus project truly reinforces our status as the most innovative insurance company operating in Latvia in terms of technologies and modern services.”

About Ultimus

Ultimus is a global provider of process solutions that helps companies grow their business, increase profits and control risk. Ultimus increases operational efficiency and flexibility, so companies can act faster with less effort. Achieving significant and measurable results for customers through the combination of expertise, global experience, services, and technology, is the core mission of Ultimus and the basis for the ongoing success of its customers. Ultimus’ award-winning technology seamlessly adapts to people, systems and change. Utilized by more than 2,000 customers worldwide, Ultimus provides solutions to organizations such as Chevron, Sony, Pfizer, Newell Rubbermaid, Frito Lay, and Sanofi. Ultimus is headquartered in North America, and has additional offices in Latin America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Australia.

About If Latvia

If Latvia is the leading property and casualty insurance company in the Nordic and Baltic regions. It provides high-quality insurance products and services to both people and businesses. In addition, If Latvia actively works to prevent damage and accidents, helping create a safer and more secure life for its 3.6 million customers and the society at large.

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  • Customers had to visit the office of their insurance company and a car dealer several times to have their claims processed in person
  • Handling and processing claims  was very time-consuming


  • Automate claims handling processes
  • Programming-free process modeling
  • Easy-to-use Web interfaces for process participants
  • Customers can go directly to the car repair shop and have everything taken care of there


  • Decision time of insurance claims submitted by car dealers is reduced from 10 days to 15 hours
  • Less manual work for If employees
  • Automated communications
  • More loyalty from partners and customers