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Harvest Operations Corporation Reduces the “Time” in their Time Sheets Process

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Ultimus Client: Harvest Operations Corporation
Industry: Energy / Natural Resources / Utilities
Solution: Time Sheet Automation Process

Formed in 2002 and employing roughly 350 people, Harvest Operations Corporation is one of Canada’s largest energy companies, offering exposure to upstream oil and natural gas production and downstream refining and marketing operations.


In 2007, Harvest Operations Corporation was ready to make its Human Resources department much more efficient. After having its time sheets paper-based for years, it was taking unnecessary amounts of time and resources to complete this simple process. As a 2-to-3 week process, HR would have to disseminate time sheets to be filled out by each employee. After employees filled in their time, they would then pass it to their supervisor to sign off on, who would send each report back to HR. After compiling each employee’s time sheet, HR manually recorded each before  submitting the information to payroll.

This was difficult for three Human Resources employees to complete each month for 350 employees, so deciding to automate this process seemed like a smart, economical decision.

Darryle Hawkings, IT manager stated, “It was really difficult for our HR department to pin-point where the time sheets stood in the approval process each month. Much of our HR employees’ time was spent trying to track down missing time sheets and monitoring to ensure approvals were moving.”

Ultimus' Approach

Using the Ultimus Adaptive BPM Suite, Harvest Operations Corporation created an automated time sheets process that now takes their Human Resources department only one day to  complete. Employees login to Ultimus, electronically fill out their time sheets which are automatically sent to their supervisor for approval. After their supervisor’s approval, each time sheet is sent to HR then to payroll. By integrating with their existing document management systems, the Ultimus BPM Suite bridged the gap between employees and departments to provide Human Resources management over this process.

Hawkings commented, “Our HR department really pushed for us to find a better way for employees to submit their time sheets. Through Ultimus, this problem has most definitely been solved. Ultimus is clean, simple, and was easy to integrate with our existing systems.”

Training was offered to employees after the implementation of Ultimus, but because this process was so easy to understand, employees opted not to attend.

About Ultimus

Ultimus has automated more business processes than any other Business Process Management (BPM) vendor worldwide. Ultimus Adaptive BPM Suite has enabled companies to accelerate their performance goals at every stage of corporate growth. Ultimus’ award-winning technology seamlessly adapts to people, systems and change. Utilized by more than 2,000 customers worldwide, Ultimus provides solutions to organizations such as Chevron, Sony, Pfizer, Bausch + Lomb, Newell Rubbermaid, Bayer, Frito Lay, AT&T, and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Ultimus is headquartered in North America, and has additional offices in Latin America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Australia.


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  • Time-consuming, manual time sheets process that took 2-to-3 weeks to complete
  • Lack of process transparency and efficiency
  • Employees unable to see available paid time off
  • The need for a green alternative


  • Automate time sheets process
  • Routing process to ensure accuracy of information
  • Time sheets electronically routed to supervisor, then to HR and then to payroll


  • Takes HR one day to complete this process
  • Tracking capabilities for time sheets status
  • Ease-of-use and process transparency
  • A green alternative to paper-based processes
  • Employees able to see available paid time off within seconds

Measureable Results

Harvest Operations Corporation has seen dynamic results with the automation of its time sheets process. The Ultimus BPM Suite helped Harvest Operations Corporation improve the efficiency, accuracy and speed of its time sheets process dramatically.

  • Ultimus BPM Suite took the 2-to-3 week time sheets process down to one day to complete
  • It takes employees roughly 10 seconds to fill out their time sheet each month
  • Harvest Operations Corporation is so pleased with its time sheets process, that it hasn’t been altered a bit in the four years it has been implemented
  • Employees are able to login to Ultimus and immediately see their available vacation, sick and flexible time


“I absolutely believe Ultimus is a great investment and would recommend them and their software to any company looking to automate their business processes. The software basically pays for itself.”
-Darryle Hawkings,
IT Manager