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Ultimus ULA Event: Business-In-Motion Expo-Logistics

Date: March 8-9, 2017
Location: Costa Rica

C.R. Atesa Software, a leading business partner of Ultimus Enterprise Solutions in Costa Rica, is participating in the Business-In-Motion Expo-Logistics event on Wednesday, March 8 and Thursday, March 9, 2017. Business logistics as a key to success, promotes solutions and BPM-based technology services to automate and optimize business processes that enable key decision-making quickly and efficiently.

For this event, participants include Ultimus partners Greivin Torres and Juan Vicente Rojas  of “C.R. Atesa Software”, and the executives of Ultimus Enterprise Solutions Latin America, Edmundo Manrique and Victor Santini B.

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About Ultimus

Founded in 1994, Ultimus pioneered Business Process Management (BPM). As a leading global provider of BPM-based technology solutions and services, Ultimus designs, automates and optimizes business processes in order to solve critical and everyday business challenges. With a dedicated focus on business process improvement, Ultimus helps companies grow their business, increase profits and control risk. Ultimus increases operational efficiency and accelerates performance, so companies can dedicate more time to their business and customers. Achieving significant and measurable results through the combination of technology, expertise, services, and global experience, is the core mission of Ultimus and the basis for the ongoing success of its customers.

With 14 offices throughout 11 countries and a Global Partner Network, Ultimus has been implemented throughout thousands of companies in over 80 countries, and automates business operations for some of the largest companies in the world.

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