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ProHealth Care Eliminates Misrouting of Information while Complying with Industry Regulations



Ultimus Client: ProHealth Care
Industry: Healthcare
Solution: Central Scheduling Call Center Patient Questionnaire Intake and Processing

ProHealth Care is a regional critical and primary care provider serving Southeast Wisconsin.  With a network of nearly 1,000 physicians and 6,000 employees, the organization includes 26 primary care clinics, two hospitals, home healthcare, inpatient and home hospice services, and much more to offer a seamless continuum of care to the entire community.

Goal: Improve Patient Satisfaction

The Central Scheduling Call Center for ProHealth Care receives over 500 calls for scheduling select outpatient exams on a daily basis, many of which require the completion of patient forms. Challenges with the process included:

  • Prone to human error: The questionnaires would be hand written by the patients and were often missing key pieces of information or completely illegible.
  • Time consuming, manually intensive: The scheduler would need to get up from their seat and fax the form to the appropriate radiology department. This caused the scheduler to be away from their desk for 5-10 minutes many times each day while calls continued to come into the call center.  In addition, the forms were often faxed to the wrong department, causing a delay for the patient.
  • Duplication of efforts: Patients would be required to fill out the forms for each appointment as the records from previous visits were not accessible, a point of great dissatisfaction for the patients.

Ultimus' Approach

With Ultimus’ process optimization, many of the patient questionnaires are now automated and electronically printed to the appropriate department where the patient will be sent for their appointment. The Ultimus application allows ProHealth Care to define mandatory fields that must be completed on each form, thus resulting in greater consistency and information flow to the receiving department. 

Since the forms are electronic, the printed information is legible and sent to the appropriate location the first time without delay. In addition, since the scheduler is sending the forms electronically utilizing Ultimus flobot technology, time away from the telephones has been minimized and calls are being answered in a more timely manner.


The implementation of the Ultimus BPM Suite was fast and efficient.  The process was tested, optimized and ready to go live in less than five months, producing results quickly.  ProHealth Care saw call rates improve and received fewer internal complaints from the receiving departments almost immediately.   They have also positioned their organization for the future by taking an important step in the transition to electronic health records that is being mandated by the federal government by 2014.

Future Projects

ProHealth Care is looking to the Ultimus BPM Suite to assist in automating other processes throughout the organization, including pre-certification of patients. “Staff satisfaction with the questionnaire intake process has improved and they have asked for ways to expand this initiative to have more electronic forms available.  This has been the biggest ‘win’ for ProHealth Care!”

About Ultimus

Ultimus has automated more business processes than any other Business Process Management (BPM) vendor worldwide. Ultimus Adaptive BPM Suite has enabled companies to accelerate their performance goals at every stage of corporate growth. The Ultimus Suite’s SOA-based broad integration tools combined with a rapid deployment model have generated outstanding results for customers and partners alike. Ultimus’ award-winning technology seamlessly adapts to people, systems and change. Utilized by more than 2,000 customers worldwide, Ultimus provides solutions to organizations such as Pfizer, ProHealth, Bausch & Lomb, Northrup Grumman, DHL, Microsoft, Daimler, Perdue Farms, Chevron, and Tulane University. Ultimus is headquartered in North America, and has additional offices in Latin America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Australia.

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  • Improve central scheduling call center efficiency
  • Eliminate duplication of information gathering and illegible or incomplete forms


  • Automate patient questionnaire
  • Send forms electronically to appropriate departments


  • Improved customer satisfaction through eliminating redundancies
  • Increased legibility of forms has helped to facilitate patient thru put

Key Benefits

  • Greater accuracy of vital patient information as forms are legible and complete
  • Fewer missed calls and greater call center efficiency
  • Automated distribution of forms to appropriate departments
  • Eliminated the misrouting of information and ensuing patient delays
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Electronic form can be stored in patient’s electronic health record, in compliance with mandatory regulations being set forth by the HITECH Act