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An Ultimus Customer Success Story

Colorado Community College System Saves their HR Department 40 Hours a Week with Improved Processing and Tracking


Ultimus Client: Colorado Community College System
Industry: Education
Solution: Time Sheet Submittal and Tracking

The Colorado Community College System (CCCS) is Colorado’s largest and fastest growing system of higher education. CCCS is unique throughout the country in terms of its governance and oversight responsibilities of state community colleges offering various career and academic programs.

Currently, CCCS oversees 13 community colleges, which serve more than 107,000 students annually. Moreover, CCCS directs an additional 1,200 secondary and 800 postsecondary career and technical programs in more than 150 school districts and seven other post-secondary institutions across the state.

Goal: Automate and Track Employee Leave and Time Sheet Processes

For any employer, tracking employees’ paid time off (PTO) and leave requests is an important aspect of HR’s responsibility. For CCCS, this process was becoming more than cumbersome and extremely error-prone due to the sheer number of employees at each of the 13 community colleges. Other challenges with this process include:

  • Inaccurate Data and Manually Intensive: Manually filing, routing, and storing paper forms often lead to errors in data entry and misplaced forms. This cost HR managers and employees hours to make corrections, retrieve a lost timesheet or replace it with a new one.
  • Information Compensation Control: The paper-based system offered no reliable way of knowing whether employees were taking time off without reporting it. Some employees were being paid out on leave they had taken but not reported. 
  • Time Consuming: CCCS’ paper-based process was inherently error-prone. This cost them extra time to not only complete the process in the first place, but also to correct the mistakes.
  • Lack of Reporting Capabilities: HR personnel had no way to quickly or efficiently perform month-end HR reporting without excessive data entry, dealing with lost forms, or fielding employee inquiries.

Ultimus’ Approach

The Ultimus Adaptive BPM Suite is now being used to automate leave and timesheet processes at CCCS’s system office and at Pueblo Community College (PCC), where they have now realized reduced abuse of leave time, eliminated the equivalent of one full time administrative employee, and increased productivity of both HR personnel and other employees.

The automated process electronically stores leave request and timesheet forms online where employees can quickly and easily fill them out and submit them to the HR department.

The system ensures that complete and correct information is submitted, the requests are processed efficiently, and the HR department has clear, accurate information on which to report on at the month-end. The Ultimus Adaptive BPM Suite also provides the HR department with visibility into the process to ensure that employees are being paid and taking vacation accordingly.


Based on the positive response from this project, Colorado Community College System is now rolling out the workflow support for a range of other tasks, such as travel authorization requests, travel expense reporting, new hire process and conference hall rentals. They are looking forward to increased visibility and productivity throughout various other areas of their education system.

About Ultimus

Ultimus has automated more business processes than any other Business Process Management (BPM) vendor worldwide. Ultimus Adaptive BPM Suite has enabled companies to accelerate their performance goals at every stage of corporate growth. Ultimus’ award-winning technology seamlessly adapts to people, systems and change. Utilized by more than 2,000 customers worldwide, Ultimus provides solutions to organizations such as Pfizer, ProHealth, Bausch & Lomb, Northrup Grumman, DHL, Microsoft, Daimler, Perdue Farms, Chevron, and Tulane University. Ultimus is headquartered in North America, and has additional offices in Latin America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Australia.

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  • Reduce errors in Human Resource processes
  • Eliminate manual processing and filling out paper work
  • Increase productivity and visibility into process execution


  • Standardize and centralize time sheet forms
  • Automate submittal and tracking processes
  • Track leave requests with automated, reportable information


  • Greater accuracy on PTO
  • Eliminated submission of incorrect forms and information
  • Improved processing and tracking ability
  • Enhanced visibility into processes

Key Benefits

  • Reduced abuse of leave time
  • Accurate and track-able end-of-month HR reporting
  • Increased productivity throughout the system and the process
  • Reduced cycle time
  • Standardize electronic forms ensure that the correct forms are filled out and submitted by employees
  • Self-Service features for employees for checking leave balances and payroll details