Socios de Ultimus en EMEA

01 Systems Ltd., Bahrain

We assist the mission critical organizations to leverage and optimize their core business processes. Since its establishment in 1986, 01 Systems has become a pioneer in implementing complex, customized software solutions coupled with comprehensive professional services like Consultancy and Systems Integration to successfully optimize core business processes.

01 systems


A leader specialized in equipping your organization with all required during your Digital Transformation journey. During the process, we use and adapt only technology from the top-notch vendor Ultimus. Customers who use our services and our Ultimus solutions enjoys the following:

  1. Increase their revenue.
  2. Reduce their cost.
  3. Expand their Market Share.
  4. Greater customer satisfaction ratios whether internal customer (their employees or external customers).

Accelerate Digital Transformation

Crea, Slovenia

Crea is a consulting firm focused comprehensively on business process management, secure e-business and related technologies. Through the synergy of extensive experience and knowledge of highly qualified leading experts from various fields, CREA enables organizations to achieve greater efficiency of their business processes and easy transition to secure e-business.



Elsuhd Net is a global technology innovator driven by a long history of business ingenuity and technical expertise. A leader in internet services since 1999, Elsuhd Net maintains two distinct and dynamic divisions High Performance Products and Technology Solutions with a shared vision for technology excellence. With operations throughout Iraq, and the middle east, their mission is to serve as an indispensable technology partner to businesses around the world. Elsuhd Net is distinguished by a team of experts who develop and deploy high performance products and technology solutions that deliver the best business outcomes to companies large and small, Elsuhd Net enables businesses to use technology as a strategy, not just a solution. Our High Performance Products and Technology Solutions Divisions inspire greatness in companies of all sizes. We provide the technology, expertise and support services businesses need to be exceptional.



Enzyme Advising Group, Spain

Enzyme Advising Group, part of the NEXE Group, is a professional services firm with international presence that provides consulting services and technological advice in order to improve business performance and enhance value for its customers and stakeholders.

Enzyme Advising Group, perteneciente al Grupo NEXE, es una firma de servicios profesionales con presencia internacional que ofrece servicios de consultoría y asesoramiento tecnológico, enlazando tecnología y modelos de negocio.

Enzyme Advising Group

Futuretech, Kuwait

FutureTech Co. provides best in class solutions and consulting services in Storage, intelligent network, physical and application security and multimedia solutions. They have developed an expertise to introduce innovative enterprise and infrastructure solutions that intelligently tackles the challenging issues that face current business users such as applications performance acceleration, and data center optimization through virtualization and consolidation storage solutions.


Gini, Germany

Gini knows how annoying paperwork can be in times of digitalization and digital transformation. That’s why they were founded in 2011 with the purpose to free the world from unnecessary paperwork - and with this providing more time for what’s really meaningful.

How do they do this? By using their self-learning artificial intelligence to extract information from documents. So far, they convinced millions of end-users by offering the highest quality in data extraction and the digitalization of documents, such as invoices and invoice related. Up to 50 data fields from invoices including all accounting relevant data can be successfully extracted and digitized. As a reward, Gini is the market leader in Germany in the area of photo payment. With Gini’s digitization service "Smart Accounting" customers can even automate the input management for their invoices.


Image Ware AG, Switzerland

Die ImageWare AG ist seit 1994 eine führende schweizerische Anbieterin integrierter Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Lösungen. Neben der Beratung umfasst unser Angebot die Analyse, Gestaltung und Konzeption moderner Lösungen sowie die technische Integration und Anbindung an bestehende IT-Systeme. Unser Know-how wird kombiniert mit der Erfahrung mit innovativen Technologien unserer langjährigen Partner. Beide Komponenten sind für die kompromisslose Qualität von IT-Lösungen absolut notwendig. Neben den klassischen Dokumenten, Records Management und Workflow Lösungen ist ImageWare auf den Gebieten Office Vorlagenverwaltung und Enhanced Scanning & Data Extraction erfolgreich tätig.

Image Ware AG

Qatar Computer Services WLL, Qatar

QCS provides Total Solutions in Information Technology. We can respond to all of your hardware, web development, application software, networking, technical & after sales. Support requirements with a commendable degree of professionalism and efficiency. QCS represents reputed brands in IT products & Solutions. Our product portfolio includes desktop & notebook computers, servers (both CISC & RISC processor based), pocket PCs, data capture devices, ID card, bar code, laser, matrix & line printers, networking active & passive components, wireless networking devices, proximity card readers, access control devices and many more.

Qatar Computer Services WLL

Sigma Consultancy, Turkey

From our perspective, it is not important which software or hardware you own; the crucial thing is at what level you utilize them. As a consultancy and an e-solutions provider, we analyze your unique business needs, improve your business processes and utilize the technology in the best possible way in order to provide flawless business flows.

Tepum Sigma Yazilim

The One Solutions, Netherlands

The ONE is een professionele en onafhankelijke leverancier op het gebied van Enterprise Content Management producten en services. Wij ontwikkelen, bouwen en leveren oplossingen aan zowel profit als non-profit organisaties in de Benelux. Ons team bestaat uit gedreven professionals die zich de afgelopen jaren hebben bewezen. Alle professionals zijn gericht op resultaat en op samenwerking. Ongeacht het soort organisatie en het niveau binnen de organisatie. Centraal hierbij staan een pragmatische aanpak en realistische doelstellingen zodat voor u een pasklare oplossing op basis van bewezen technologieën gerealiseerd wordt. Wij beschikken over een netwerk met allianties op zowel lokaal als wereldwijd niveau. Onze professionals beschikken over de juiste persoonlijke kwaliteiten en werken met de modernste technologische hulpmiddelen zodat wij in staat zijn om voor u innovatieve oplossingen te realiseren.

The One Solutions

TjDeed, Jordan and U.A.E.

TjDeeD is an Information Technologies solution provider that specializes in developing, customizing and integrating web-based and mobile solutions with branches in the UAE and Jordan. With extensive expertise, an innovative mindset and a commitment to quality, TjDeeD is able to serve companies starting from startups all the way through to large enterprises. Their goal is to enhance clients’ teams’ productivity through the use of systems, mobile applications and people training.

tjdeed tech

Your Ideas Ltd., Greece

Your Ideas L.T.D., founded in Athens in 2002 by experienced members of the Greek IT community with the objective of offering technologically advanced solutions in the designing, automation & management of important business processes as well as in the collection, organization, archiving and management of corporate data. the executive work force is made up of field professionals who enjoy long term experience in the relevant field. The employees possess high technical training and experience in the spheres of realization, application, modification, localization and maintenance of such systems. Through focusing our interests and activities in the Business Process & Enterprise Content Management technologies, we improve / develop / promote and guarantee the utmost quality in the provision of solutions and services.

Your Ideas Ltd.

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