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Software Downloads: Cumulative Patches and Service Packs

Cumulative Patches /
Service Packs Available

Ultimus 7.3 CP1 - Cumulative Patch 1
(Released: October 8, 2015)

This Cumulative Patch requires that you are running Ultimus BPM Suite 7.3


Release Notes

Cumulative Patches / Service Packs and Ultimus Standard Client Updates

Ultimus BPM Suite Cumulative Patches often contain fixes for the Ultimus Standard (.NET/ActiveX-based) Client. Ultimus BPM Suite Service Packs always contain fixes for the Ultimus Standard (.NET/ActiveX-based) Client. Whenever a Cumulative Patch or Service Pack is released that contains Ultimus Standard Client fixes, you will need to ensure that your computers hosting Ultimus Standard Client are updated with the fix. Normally computers hosting Ultimus 7 Standard Client will be automatically updated when desktop users attempt to access the Ultimus 7 BPM Server (they will be prompted to download the new Ultimus Standard Client from within Internet Explorer). However, if you are running tight security where desktop updates are limited, or if you are running Ultimus V8/V2014, please review the "Downloading Ultimus Manual Clients" section below.

For information on which specific fixes are included in a Cumulative Patch or Service Pack, please review the Release Notes for the Cumulative Patch or the Service Pack. It is also important to note that Cumulative Patches do not require a full Ultimus reinstall, they are simply incremental updates that can be applied to your existing Ultimus BPM Suite installation.

Downloading Ultimus Manual Clients

If you are a Manual Client user, please visit the Manual Client download page for Manual Client executables. The Ultimus Manual Client is an executable version of the Ultimus Standard (.NET/ActiveX-based Client) that supports tools such as SMS and Active Directory for manually pushing out Standard Client updates to desktop computers. Ultimus Manual Clients are for Ultimus V8/V2016 environments, and often used in V7 environments where tight desktop security policies have been implemented, and where desktop users are not permitted to download ActiveX controls.

For any questions relating to Ultimus Service Packs or Cumulative Patches, please contact your regional Ultimus Support Center.

Page Last Updated: June 8, 2017