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Knowledge Services: BPM Suite Fundamentals

Training Course Overview

The Ultimus Adaptive BPM Suite Fundamentals Training course is an instructor-led, facilitated hands-on learning opportunity that teaches the skills required for successfully applying the tools of Ultimus Adaptive BPM Suite version 8.x.

Intended Audience

The Ultimus BPM Suite Fundamentals course is intended for beginner students who have little to no experience with designing or building workflow processes with Ultimus BPM Studio. This course is geared towards users who want to build basic workflows for their businesses and who have little to no previous programming experience.


There are no prerequisites for attending this course, apart from being a customer or partner of Ultimus.

Potential Next Steps

After completion of this training course, users can select either an advanced training course or get involved in programaticaly extending BPM capabilities using EIK.

Main Topics

  • Creating an Organizational Chart for use by an Ultimus Process Map
  • Adding a job function job and sub chart into Org Chart
  • Creating a simple workflow process
  • Adding steps from BPM Studio
  • Linking the steps
  • Creating a new form
  • Linking XML variables to a form control
  • Defining step and process properties
  • Defining rules events for steps
  • Using Ultimus Director to create business rule
  • Training a Flobot
  • Testing a form
  • Installing a process
  • Monitoring an incident
  • Initiating a process using the Utimus Client
  • Reasigning tasks from Ultimus Client
  • Creating associates
  • Monitoring incidents from Ultimus Process Administrator
  • Creating incident filters from Ultimus Process Administrator