The Ultimus Adaptive BPM Software Suite 

Functional Job Roles Supported by a BPM Initiative

Business Analysts

A Business Analyst identifies ways to improve business systems, and in doing so bridges the organization's business needs with the use of IT. A Business Analyst would use Ultimus to:

  • Determine how many people it may take to achieve a certain amount of work in a specific period of time.
  • Determine whether the cost to operate a resource for a specific period of time is less or greater than the profits achieved in the same period of time.
  • Optimize a business process to be as efficient in its cost and time expenditures.

Modules Used:

Executives / Management

The success of your company’s most critical business objectives depends on your ability to easily evaluate and react to the implementation, performance and effectiveness of each initiative. Simple, straightforward visibility and control over your core business processes can be achieved through advanced workflow software.

Ultimus Reports and Ultimus iBAM Suite are tailored to the specific needs of management professionals and presented clearly and concisely through Performance Dashboards, automated email updates, Desktop Gauges, and within Process Forms.

Modules Used:

Process Owners / Work Teams

Your team has been given goals you are expected to reach, and you must use your every resource as effectively as possible to ensure the success of each project you implement. You need intuitive functionality, the ability to collaborate with colleagues and other business units, and a set of capabilities at your disposal that allow you to plan, evaluate, and adjust every business process in real time.

Using the Ultimus Collaborative Client and Ultimus Director, you have robust workflow software modeling, analysis, and optimization capabilities which you can deploy code-free. You’ll never need IT for hard-code updates or to tweak a process; easy-to-use graphical interfaces allow you to conduct root cause analysis and then adjust workflow instantly.

Modules Used:

Administrators / IT Teams

IT is the central nervous system of any business. Your capacity to integrate business processes with your company’s existing IT infrastructure is vital to their success. You need the ability to painlessly collaborate on the design, development, and administration of Business Process Improvement rollouts.

Ultimus offers the code-free installation of modules that accelerate Business Process Re-engineering through the use of graphical interfaces, while also providing for sophisticated custom development when necessary.

Business Process Improvement never ends. Even a perfectly executed process must be continually adjusted to adapt to your company’s changing business climate, needs, and objectives. The Ultimus Adaptive BPM Suite is designed for continuous business process improvement and optimization though a four step cycle:

  1. Model: Diagram your workflow to develop an executable process map.
  2. Automate: Workflow software to collaborate with IT teams to connect your process map with IT systems and databases that automate your workflow
  3. Manage: Use Ultimus Reports and Ultimus iBAM (interactive Business Activity Monitoring) to analyze your workflow management system and the efficiency of your processes in real-time.
  4. Optimize: Instantly adapt your processes to keep pace with your changing business needs.

Modules Used:

Automate more with less effort at higher quality, reach your goals, and transform your business forever.