Ultimus iBAM Suite

Fastest, Easiest Business Activity Monitoring Returns Control to Business Users and Provides Interactive Optimization

The Ultimus iBAM Suite provides a user-friendly, yet powerful way for business professionals to create and visually monitor key performance indicators of their choice and place them on their desktops, portals, or in key workflow documents. Because the Ultimus iBAM Suite enables gauges and controls to be designed using simple mouse clicks, executives, managers, and process owners can readily create BAM monitors and even complete dashboards themselves. Ultimus iBAM’s unparalleled ease-of-use is very important because it eliminates the complexity that has been the biggest hurdle for organizati ons who want to deploy BAM.

The Ultimus iBAM Suite makes use of familiar graphical display components such as gauges and speedometers that are configured to display business performance metrics from Ultimus processes. Each BAMport can be enhanced by providing KPI ranges which allow the user to visually see if the KPI falls within specific performance ranges. While a BAMport graphically displays one KPI on the business user’s desktop, a combination of BAMports can be collectively displayed in a BAMboard which is a digital KPI dashboard. Alternatively, one or more BAMports can be configured as a component on the business user’s desktop. This provides limitless flexibility to display many KPIs tailored to the unique needs and preferences of each user and empowers them to take control over decisions in a faster, more efficient manner.

Ultimus iBAM Components and Architecture

Ultimus iBAM Suite enables state-of-the-art BAM by utilizing a number of modules that work together to provide an optimal solution. These components are as follows:

  • Ultimus BAMstudio: an application that allows the user to easily design and configure new BAMports and set their attributes and properties. It provides much flexibility to change calculations, shapes, sizes, colors, and other attributes for each KPI.
  • Ultimus BAMboard: a digital dashboard that hosts multiple BAMports. It is configured for each business user and can be arranged vertically or horizontally. Alternatively, BAMports can be dragged on to the business users desktop and can be displayed individually.
  • Ultimus BAMserver: a server application that maintains the BAMports, updates their values, controls access for security, and allows Ultimus processes and third-party applications to interact with them.
  • Ultimus BAMrepository: a repository for saving BAMport definitions and values of KPIs in a secure database.
  • Ultimus BAMport: a graphical digital display for a single KPI or a feedback dial/knob. Each BAMport also can have a customized drill-down report associated with it to provide the insight behind the KPI. Users have a lot of choice for deciding where they want to display BAMports:
    • Inside the Ultimus BAMboard as a collection of BAMports
    • Stand alone on the business user’s desktop with the ability of having multiple BAMports arranged according to the user’s preferences
    • On an Ultimus Form enabling process parti cipants to use real ti me KPIs for making decisions in a process
    • As ASP .NET that can be incorporated easily into a SharePoint Portal or any JSR 168 compliant portal
    • Within any application that can host ASP .NET
  • Ultimus BAMactions: a set of Web Services and .NET actions that allow Ultimus processes to easily interact with the BAMserver without any coding. Web Services are used for third-party applications to interact with BAMports, thus making it an easy, open, and flexible environment.

The architecture of the Ultimus iBAM Suite is shown below.


Ultimus Adaptive BPM Suite Modules


  • Create KPIs, gauges and process controls in minutes
  • Real-time, desktop feedback on process KPIs
  • Complete round-trip optimization
  • Interactive desktop controls to adjust processes in real-time
  • Drill-down reports to uncover detailed facts behind the KPIs
  • Monitor KPIs from Ultimus processes or third-party applications
  • Business-friendly interface - No training required for business users
  • Fastest time to value – Zero to BAM in 10 minutes

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