Ultimus Reports

Ultimus Reports is a comprehensive, web-based report generation module that allows the design, generation, and access of reports securely from virtually anywhere over the internet.

  • Powerful reports analyze the effectiveness of processes, steps, users, departments, queues, and more
  • Results displayed in tabular format or in many graphical formats including bar and pie charts
  • Process and step level reports are available either out-of-the-box or through custom generation
  • Clickable charts supply easy access to detailed analytics associated with a particular step or process

The following are a few examples of the type of management questions that can be addressed and answered by process reports:

  • How long does it take my company to process a purchase order?
  • What does it cost our company to produce a custom quotation?
  • How long does it take the Engineering Department to process a change order?
  • If a customer files a quality complaint, how long does our company take to respond to it?
  • How many orders are currently being fulfilled?

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Ultimus Reports provides powerful and flexible capabilities including:

  1. Preconfigured process level and step level reports and an easy to use report generation wizard.
  2. Rich reporting displayed in tabular, graphical, or process maps views.
  3. Alerts that can be configured to send e-mail notifications that trigger a call to action.
  4. Flexible options to save, export, print, and publish reports in order to increase the transparency of business performance. Drill-down reports are accessed by clicking on the report to access more detailed analytics associated with a particular process or step.

Ultimus Reports provide many benefits for Business Managers interested in optimizing business efficiency:

  • By knowing the cost of a business process, business managers can make knowledgeable decisions about the economic benefit of the process.
  • By knowing the completion time of a business process, business managers can set realistic expectations among internal and external customers affected by the process.
  • By knowing the elapsed time for each step in a process, managers can find bottlenecks in the process.
  • By knowing the cost of each step, managers can make decisions about how to optimize the process.
  • By knowing the performance of individual users, managers can better reward, train and evaluate employees.
  • By including automated steps, process metrics can be extended to other applications included in the business process.
  • By including both business process and external data, the effectiveness of the process can be measured against business parameters.
  • By including monitoring reports, process status can be easily captured and distributed over the Internet.

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