Ultimus Solution Profiles

An in depth look into business processes

Ultimus Solution Profiles provide an in depth look into specific business processes. They discuss the challenges of each process, the opportunities, and the results and benefits of the solution utilizing the Ultimus Adaptive BPM Suite.

Employee Performance Review Solution Profile

The Ultimus Employee Performance Review provides organizations with quick, efficient and transparent employee review processing. Human Resource departments free up resources and achieve visibility into status, performance and key human resource metrics.

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New Hire / Onboarding Solution Profile

The Ultimus New Hire process standardizes and centralizes new hire data as well as automates the application and interview processes to ensure efficiency and accuracy. Through the Ultimus New Hire process, companies will see this process run much more effectively. This solution improves visibility into each new hire process, seamlessly integrates for effective flow of information between departments, and provides a way for HR and hiring managers to properly track interview statuses and where applications stand in the approval process.

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Time Sheet Processing Solution Profile

Ultimus Time Sheet Processing provides companies with a highly efficient way of handling employee work time reporting and ensures instant access to accurate and current information. Human Resource departments save time and can devote their mindshare to more important tasks. Employees have their work time balance at their fingertips when planning vacation or taking time off. All related information is automatically stored in respective systems and available for management, analysis and decision support.

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