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With the economic difficulties our world is facing, it is important for banks and financial organizations to properly manage their business processes. Strong, stable processes are needed to ensure the security of important financial applications and data. The sharing of financial information should be systematic and controlled. Allowing unauthorized users’ access to individual’s personal or corporate information can be disastrous.

Regulations and compliance add to the need for streamlined and well-documented practices. Additionally, customers expect quick, accurate, and reliable visibility into financial processes which affect key accounts. Without a strategic business model companies may not be able to meet regulatory and client-based needs.

Many banks worldwide rely on Ultimus Low-Code BPM Solutions for:

  • Account management, maintenance, openings and cancellations
  • Credit card automation, application processing, credit scoring and risk approval, financial screenings, credit card approvals, transactions
  • Loan requests, approvals and post approval activities for mortgage loans, personal loans, car loans and private enterprise loans
  • Services such as product consultations, promissory note guarantees, change of rates, ACH, fund and wire transfers
  • Insurance underwriting, collateral, titles, escrow services, leasing and financing
  • Operational risk management, investigation of accounts, claims management, anti-money laundering compliance, audit management

Ultimus business process management benefits for banks include:

  • Reduced cost for customer service
  • Increased productivity for employees
  • Greater visibility into the processes for stakeholders
  • Compliance with the many laws and regulations that  govern financial markets
  • Error reduction and elimination for data input
  • Enhanced visibility of costs, revenues and margins
  • Increased customer satisfaction and faster response

Financial service companies trust in Ultimus to automate their mission-critical processes in a scalable and secure low-code development platform. By implementing Ultimus, financial organizations around the world, such as AXA, Citizens Bank, HSBC, United Bank Limited and Mercantil Commercebank have automated and optimized key business processes, allowing them to see benefits for their customers, partners, employees, and shareholders.

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“We continually seek ways to optimize our internal processes. With Ultimus in place, our processes are guaranteed to perform as efficiently as possible. This results in a better organized and more profitable business for us and better service for our customers.” – FirstPlus Financial Group

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