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Ultimus understands the pressure to improve cross agency workflows while maintaining a secure environment. We know you demand greater cross-department visibility, accurate documentation, and process assessment to ensure compliance with established policies and regulations as set forth by:

  • Federal, state and local regulations
  • Public and private education board members

BPM Opportunity

Ultimus provides an advanced workflow solution with a focus on process improvement and optimization. Regulatory organizations require flexibility for rule change and human interaction. Advanced out-of-the-box functionally enables the Ultimus Adaptive BPM Suite to handle compliancy issues and exceptions better than any other Process Automation suite. Moreover, it delivers the usability and control that workers need to ensure information security and accurate documentation. Ultimus’ Business Process Management solution is designed to:

  • Increase organizational visibility
  • Improve process efficiency
  • Foster employee collaboration
  • Ensure compliance with policies and regulations
  • Maintain information security
  • Adapt to rule change
  • Reduce human documentation error

Public Sectors institutions worldwide entrust their mission-critical processes to Ultimus' scalable, secure BPM platform. Ultimus has been chosen to drive processes such as:

  • Case Management
  • Claims Creation and Approval
  • Loss CreationExpense reports
  • Accounts Payable
  • Leave Requests
  • Time sheets
  • Activity Reports
  • Call processing
  • Supply ordering
  • Denial processes
  • Invoice Generation Receipt and Approval

Public Sectors trust in Ultimus to automate their core business processes in a scalable and secure BPM platform. By implementing Ultimus, Education institutions such as DeVry Inc., Pueblo Community College, and Milwaukee Area Technical College, and Governments such as Commonwealth of Massachusetts, IBGE and Prince William County, Virginia have automated and optimized key business processes, allowing them to see benefits for their customers, partners, employees, and shareholders.

Solutions by Industry

Government and Education Customer Success

Colorado Community College System Saves their HR Department 40 Hours a Week with Improved Processing and Tracking

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The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Saves Time and Costs Across all Processes with Enterprise Solutions

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“After automating our processes with the help of the Ultimus BPM Suite, we’ve abandoned paper forms, thus eliminating the problems and potential errors associated with them. As a result, the Ultimus BPM initiative has saved us an enormous amount of time for grant application processing and organizing. Employees are now able to work more efficiently, resulting in faster and more accurate allocation of financial support for research excellence.” - Leading Government-owned Funding Agency in the UK