Ultimus Adaptive BPM

Software Suite Modules

Manage the complete BPM lifecycle

The Ultimus Adaptive BPM Suite is based on a set of modules and components used to manage the complete BPM lifecycle. Each module is designed to fit the needs of each group of BPM stakeholders and they are seamlessly integrated to provide a company with the tools to model, automate, manage and optimize their key business processes.

BPM Software Suite Modules:

Ultimus BPM Studio: Ultimus BPM Studio is the flagship component of the suite. Ultimus BPM Studio provides business process design within an easy-to-use collaborative graphical environment. It includes the following modules:

  • Ultimus Director: Ultimus Director allows process experts to design conditional business rules within a collaborative graphical environment.
  • Ultimus Organization Charts: Ultimus Organization Charts is used to design business charts which specify business relationships and job functions of all individuals who may participate in business processes.
  • Ultimus Flobots and FloStation: Ultimus FloStation acts as a central location to perform automated tasks that do not require human intervention in a business process. Such automated tasks are assigned to Flobots (“workflow robots”).
  • Ultimus Reports: Ultimus Reports in a tool which functions from within an Internet Explorer Web browser window. Ultimus Reports allows process participants to generate report data such as incident cost or time. Reports may be produced in tabular or graphical formats.
  • Ultimus iBAM Suite: The Ultimus iBAM Suite provides a user-friendly, yet powerful way for business professionals to create and visually monitor key performance indicators of their choice and place them on their desktops, portals, or in key workflow documents.
  • Ultimus BPM Server: The Ultimus True SOA BPM Server is a powerful process execution engine that monitors and controls business processes.

Software Suite Modules

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Key Capabilities

  • Intuitive
  • Easy-to-use
  • Allows cross functional collaboration
  • Creates an effective workflow foundation
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