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Ensure a Smooth Upgrade with the Ultimus Upgrade Service

Ultimus supports the upgrade of software (deployment) and required hardware in an IT environment. Good resource planning and management are essential to package and distribute a release successfully. The Ultimus Upgrade Service (as part of Ultimus Release Management) takes a holistic view of a change to a BPM environment and ensures that all aspects of an upgrade, both technical and non-technical, are considered together.

(For current customers, detailed information about new features, enhancements, and specifics for each product version can be found in the release notes on the Ultimus Customer Portal.)

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  1. Recording existing environments

The first step in this service is working together with you and your team to record the existing and important environments in order to properly prepare for your upgrade and to establish a reference system for further upgrades.
  1. Presentation and discussion of new features and benefits

Your company or team will then be given a presentation of new features and changes in the product. Ultimus will also share our future roadmap and product retirement plan to enable strategic planning for future implementations.

  1. Upgrade of reference environment as training

Next, we will plan and execute the upgrade of the reference environment, e.g. the testing environment. We’ll develop testing scenarios and support the installation.

  1. Report of results and findings for planning purposes

From there, Ultimus will provide you with a report on the results and findings of the completed installation, as well as a summary and recommendations for upgrades to further environments.

  1. Planning of the upgrade to the production environment

While you may want to upgrade your production environment yourself, Ultimus is available to attend project planning meetings to assist you in planning the right approach and to provide you with the most accurate information directly.

Ultimus is also happy to take over the full migration for you. As each system and product version is different, Account Manager's will speak with you about pricing options and how we can assist you with your plans.

Interested in learning more? Let us know here and an Ultimus representative in your region will assist you.

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