Digital Process Automation for Finance and Accounting

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Realize Digital Transformation

Ultimus is one of the most experienced providers of finance and accounting workflow automation solutions and technology.  We have implemented over 600 business process software solutions in this functional area – on every continent, in every industry vertical, and in all major languages.

Operating at the speed of digital is an imperative for every company and every department – and finance is no exception. Add the additional demands for accurate and timely expense management and financial reporting, transparency, compliance, and visibility and it’s clear that today’s approaches – adapting your business and processes to fit off-the-shelf SaaS applications, bespoke development, and one-off customization – only increase complexity and cost and block digital transformation.

Ultimus has another answer: end-to-end automation of financial processes using Ultimus’ proven, industry-leading Digital Automation Platform and the exceptional domain experience of Ultimus Enterprise Solutions services.  A combination that ensures unmatched speed of delivery, reliability, performance, cost effectiveness, and support.

Processes automated with Ultimus Composed Process Solutions are “solution families” – they work, share data inherently, and can be managed as if they were one large application.

CPS Solutions:

  • are Mobile-ready with no additional effort
  • are easily adaptable to each operating region’s language, rules, and process variations
  • have unparalleled functionality, including the ability to anchor documents and process instances to the Blockchain
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Finance and accounting processes automated by Ultimus include:

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Join the growing list of companies that have entrusted Ultimus with their mission-critical financial process automation - entities such as Boehringer-Ingelheim, Children’s Medical Center of Dallas, Ensign Services, Mettler-Toledo, Prince William County Virginia, Sanofi-Aventis, State Street Corporation, and Toshiba.

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