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Tierion is a proof engine. They’ve created a global platform for verifying any data, file or process.

Tierion's vision is a future where the blockchain is the standard for trust and verification of the world’s data. They started by building Chainpoint, an open standard for creating a timestamp proof by anchoring data to the Bitcoin blockchain. Next, they launched the Tierion Network; a global network that delivers Chainpoint as a service.


Headquartered in Vancouver, BC, and covering Western Canada, Concerta Consulting Incorporated is a business and systems consulting firm exclusively focused on the practical business application of technology to solve real world business problems involving records, documents and processes. From concept to completion we help our clients define and realize business solutions that allow them to effect positive change in their organizations. Our BPM solutions cover many industries, and we have particular expertise in the Oil and Gas, Financial, and Municipal markets. For Oil and Gas in particular, we have developed a number of process templates including Accounts Payable, integrated with QByte/FM and other accounting packages.

Elegrity, Inc.

Elegrity, Inc., a long time partner of Ultimus, is headquartered in San Francisco and delivers solutions throughout the U.S. Elegrity develops Ultimus based solutions for major financial institutions, the bio-pharmaceutical industry and leading law firms. Elegrity's Law Business Management System (LBMS) delivers real-time, dynamic workflow and management reporting for all aspects of the New Business Intake process.


PROceed is a leader in workflow automation tools and technologies. PROceed's essential goal is to help organizations achieve their process improvement initiatives through enhanced operational efficiency. They specialize in business process improvement methodologies and solutions that enable organizations to more efficiently manage their critical business processes.

PROceed BPMwww.proceedbpm.com

Streamline Health

Streamline Health, Inc. is a healthcare industry leader in capturing, aggregating and translating enterprise data into knowledge – actionable insights that reduce exposure to risk, enhance operational performance and improve patient care. Through its Looking Glass® platform, they provide clients with meaningful, intelligent SaaS-based solutions from patient engagement to reimbursement.



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