Ultimus APAC Partners

A Team Tech Inc., China

In the field of management processes, A Team Tech Inc. focuses on process consulting, design, importing, implementation and optimization to help customers. With offices in Shanghai, Beijing and Taiwan, technical experts and marketing personnel work together to bring the most complete enterprise information services.


phone: +86 10 65 81 88 58

Active e-Solution Limited, Hong Kong

Active e-Solution Limited is the leading solution provider of Business Process and Office Automation to major corporations and government departments in Hong Kong and China. They provide services in more than 50% of HK Top 500 companies. With the proven track record and experience, they deliver the best service in offering scalable leading IT solutions to their clients since 1993. Active e-Solution Limited specializes in marketing and developing in the areas of Business Process Management (BPM/Workflow), Document Management Solution (DMS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Fax Server, and CTI: IVRs & Call Center.


phone: +852 29 69 32 32

Edvance Limited, Hong Kong

Edvance is a mixture of consulting and technology disciplines. They combine core practices that are aimed at aiding enterprises in their growth and helping them realize their vision quickly. Edvance creates business solutions that allow enterprises to strengthen and protect their competitive advantage.


phone: +852 28 34 08 08

JFE Systems Inc., Japan

JFE Systems Inc. is a Japan-based company mainly engaged in the planning, design, development, operation and maintenance of computer systems. The Company operates in two business divisions. The Business Application Systems division is engaged in the provision of various system integration (SI) services for manufacturing industry, logistics industry, financial industry and public sectors; the sale of information communications equipment, as well as the provision of complementary services. The Products Base Solutions division is involved in the provision of various systems, such as electronic commerce (EC) and electronic data interchange (EDI) systems, the quality information management systems, contact center systems, business intelligence systems and telephone banking systems, as well as the construction and operation of communication information networks. In October, 2009, the Company established a wholly owned subsidiary in the United States. (Thomson Reuters)

N2N Solution Provider Co., Thailand

N2N Solution Provider Co., Ltd. is located in Bangkok, Thailand and provides software packages that help organizations reduce the overall costs of managing physical documents by turning them to digital files and then archiving all of them into a system that enables organizations to easily search by used metadata or Full-Text. With a tight integration between N2N’s EDMS system and the powerful recognition engine from Abbyy (Russia), organizations can perform searching contents in more than 190 different languages inside of their EDMS so called DocnFlow Suite. If you’re interested in N2N’s Products line, please contact info@n2n.co.th or visit their website for more information.

PT Integrasi Teknologi, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand

Since the start-up in 1989, Integrasi has focused on finding the most cost effective and innovative solutions. Their total solution has been a unique competitive advantage of their company. Integrasi believes every organization is looking for systems and solutions to deliver on essential goals.